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spring walleyes

Best Strategies For Spring Walleyes

by Steven Johnson 0

Fishing for spring walleyes can provide some of the best action of the year. Here are some tactics  sure to… more »

Michigan walleye fishing

Michigan Walleye Fishing Outlook 2018

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

Here’s a closer look at where the best Michigan walleye fishing is likely to be on opening day and beyond. … more »

wing dam walleyes

The Lowdown on Catching Wing Dam Walleyes

by M.D. Johnson 0

Follow the tips below to become an expert at fishing wing dam walleyes. Wing dams. To some anglers, they’re a… more »


Get Ready for Wisconsin Walleyes; Target These Waters

by Ted Peck 0

The new season for Wisconsin walleyes will be upon us before we know it. Here are some excellent places to… more »

river ice

Be Prepared: Watch Out for River Ice

by Ted Peck 0

The Boy Scout motto “Be prepared” holds infinite wisdom when fishing any Wisconsin river in March. Or in any state… more »

open-water walleye

Open-Water Walleye Rush Time in Wisconsin

by Ted Peck 0

Ice is gone or going now, but here’s where you can catch open-water walleye before the “official” season opener. Given Madison’s… more »

winter walleye

Last-Minute Winter Walleye Tactics

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

Winter walleye anglers get conditioned. Most realize that walleyes spend much of the winter shadowing deep structure — humps and… more »

midwinter fishing in Iowa

Best Midwinter Fishing in Iowa: Walleye, Urban Trout, More

by Dan Anderson 0

Midwinter fishing in Iowa ranges from hot ice-fishing locales to open-water trout. It’s midwinter, when many of Iowa’s anglers flop up… more »

fishing gear

Look Back: 17 Fishing Gear Reviews from 2017

by Scott Bernarde 0

If you love to fish (we know you do), you’re going to need some fishing gear, and we’re here to… more »


Walleyes of the October Moon

by Tom Carpenter 0

That so-called “hunter’s moon” doesn’t affect just wildlife. Here’s how to use it to improve your fishing for walleyes. It… more »

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