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Video Vault: Drift Rigs for Santee Cooper Catfish

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  April 14th, 2017 0

Game & Fish’s deep archive of outdoors sports-related video has lots of timeless info on tips, tactics and destinations.

So, we figured it was time we share a little bit of that knowledge with our online readers. In the coming weeks and months, and on a regular basis, we’ll hand-pick some of our best old videos and share them here, such as this one on fishing for Santee Cooper catfish.

Via Game & Fish Magazines/YouTube

Catfish techniques never go out of style, so Game & Fish went back into its video vault and pulled out the following piece from Santee Cooper Lakes in South Carolina.

Santee Cooper Catfish Anglers: Find Even More Info by clicking here

In this video from 2010, Game & Fish photo editor Ron Sinfelt takes a trip with Kevin Davis of Black’s Camp on the Santee Cooper lake system in South Carolina to find out about the best way to catch the reservoir’s huge blue catfish with a technique that is decidedly homegrown.

Watch the crew use blueback herring on the so-called “Santee Cooper drift rig” to draw some rod-bending action.

The video may be a little old, but the info is solid. Be sure to pay attention to how Davis baits the hook.


More on Santee Cooper catfish and other info from Game & Fish

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