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Top 20 States for Fall Fishing in 2014

by Dan Johnson   |  October 23rd, 2014 0


Across the country, natural lakes, rivers and reservoirs come to life in autumn, yielding some of the year’s best fishing for a variety of species. Whether your passion is largemouth bass, rainbow trout or black crappies, chances are you’ll find ample opportunities to tap the fall bite.

In appreciation of the autumn bonanza, and to help you dial in travel plans if a road trip is in order, we assembled the Top 20 states for fall fishing. Rest assured, this wasn’t a “close your eyes and throw a dart at the map” proposition.

Have Rod, Will Travel
With the assistance of many state fisheries departments and other sources of inside information, we gathered data and then weighed a number of factors, including:

  1. Variety of fish species and fishing opportunities
  2. Catch rates
  3. Fishing pressure
  4. Amount of prime water available to anglers
  5. Nonresident license costs

We also factored in some intangibles, including scenery, lore and the sheer mystique of a state’s fishing destinations. Additionally, we focused on freshwater, though at times we give a nod to adventures on the brine.

Gear Up & Go
In the end, there were still plenty of tough calls to make. If your favorite states didn’t make the list, rest assured they were probably very close. After all, the U.S. is blessed with fine fishing from coast to coast, and this rundown is more a celebration of variety than of raising one state onto a pedestal over another.

Keep in mind that weather, water conditions and state or local regulations are subject to change. Always check with local guides, bait shops and fisheries offices before you head for the water.

That being said, sit back, relax and join us on a whirlwind tour of the Top 20 states to wet a line this fall. Then grab your tackle box and get out there!

Check out the top 20 states that made the list:

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