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The Girls of Game & Fish: Angler Edition Part II

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  June 24th, 2014 1

Female anglers are making a move to take over the Game & Fish Camera Corner, and they’re succeeding at an impressive rate.

girls of game & fish

The Girls of Game & Fish: Angler Edition

Here at Game & Fish, we think it's about time we celebrated our women anglers.Not only do the women in our life brin...

Due to the high number of recent submissions, we’re happy to present our second installment of the Girls of Game & Fish. Summer fishing is in high gear and these ladies are showing us all how to make the best of it.

If you’re green with envy, feel free to take some notes from these girls’ playbooks…but good luck outfishing them. Submit your photos to the Camera Corner and you could be in the next edition of the Girls of Game & Fish. Here’s to a great summer of fishing.

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