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Thanks Dad: Why You’re the Ultimate Sportsman

by Ben O'Brien   |  May 23rd, 2013 0

Nowadays sportsmen don’t ask each other how we got started. There’s simply no need to bother, most of us already know the answer.

While society has reeled away from the outdoors, pushing toward the advancement of manufactured food and simplified entertainment, the Father (in the parental sense, not the biblical) has stood his ground. I would argue that it is the Father alone that has allowed the advancement of hunting, fishing and shooting over the past two decades. He passes down to his children the strength and knowledge that comes with pursuing wild things. He teaches and pushes his sons and daughters and gives them the tools they need to carry on the tradition.

It’s a rather sappy premise, though, that sometimes flies in the face of how we view our parents. I don’t do everything my father does, and I certainly didn’t follow in his footsteps in every aspect of my life. My dad’s a florist, and as you can probably gather by reading this article, I am not. I like hard rock, my dad can’t stand it. But for some reason I just always knew I would be outdoors with dad.

I remember the first time I realized I was a sportsman. I remember the first time I realized my dad was my best friend…and both would remain constant. Both were in my nature.

To celebrate our dads and all they’ve done for us, the editors of Intermedia Outdoors have joined forces to pay tribute to the men that made us sportsmen.

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