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Shark Feeding Frenzy Caught on Camera

by Dylan Polk   |  March 14th, 2012 1

By now, you’ve probably heard the term “feeding frenzy” without actually knowing what it looked like. Well, here’s a pretty good illustration. A helicopter camera spotted a school of about 50 sharks near Perth, Australia, going absolutely nuts for a school of tuna.

The Telegraph reports that the feeding frenzy shut down nearby Yanchep Beach for two hours. Check out the video of these frenzied fish!

  • Frank Wirth

    I have seen a similar scene with baracuda feeding in my chum line off Marathon Florida in Feb 1979. All these fish were the same size. about 54". It was an amazing event to watch and to fish. They would hit anything you put in the water. When the chum line disappeared so did the fish.

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