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Quick and Easy Salmon Cakes Recipe

Quick and Easy Salmon Cakes Recipe

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Short for time? Try this Quick and Easy Salmon Cakes Recipe By: Primal Palate This salmon cakes recipe couldn’t be… more »


Double Up on Springers & Steelhead

by Scott Haugen 0

May through June is prime time to target both spring Chinook and summer steelhead in many rivers. Backing the drift… more »


Spring-Run Salmon Tips and Tactics

by Dennis Dauble 0

Spring-run salmon, commonly known as “springers,” are arguably the most prized of all Pacific salmon, no matter whether your druthers… more »


Michigan Salmon Spots This September

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

Michigan salmon fishing on our big waters comes alive in September. Here’s where to get your share of cohos and… more »

KOKANEE Salmon Fish

KOKANEE: Best Tactics to Catching More Fish

by Scott Haugen 0

Dodging and weaving our way to the hotspot, I was surprised at the number of boats trolling for kokanee. Not… more »

salmon fishing

Solving the Salmon Fishing Puzzle

by M.D. Johnson 0

For salmon fishing success, find the right water temperatures, the right depth, and the right tackle. I see (or, rather,… more »


Lake Ontario Fishing: Best Places for Salmon, Bass and More

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Whether you’re a seasoned expert, a weekend warrior or a novice fisherman looking to wet your first line, Lake Ontario… more »


Discover Maine’s Best Place for Bass and Salmon

by Todd Smith 0

Looking for a place to really get away from it all this fall? A place where the fishing is fantastic… more »

Photo by Aaron Peterson

Michigan: Best Rivers for Salmon and Steelhead

by Tony Hansen 0

It is one of the most iconic inland fishing experiences in North America. Standing knee-deep in the waters of the… more »


Michigan Fishing: Big-Water Salmon and Trout

by Tony Hansen 0

Michigan is the “Great Lake” state. And we are a state of Great Lakes—Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie. All provide incredible… more »

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