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Fishing Idaho Trout

Record Rainbow Trout Caught in Idaho

by Game & Fish Staff   |  July 28th, 2011 19

POCATOLLO — There are eatin- sized rainbows and then there are mountin’-sized fish that rewrite record books and provide a fishing tale of a lifetime for the lucky angler that reeled it in.

Mark Adams with his state record trout.

Mark Adams of Pocatello, Idaho is that angler according to the Idaho State Journal as he landed a record rainbow trout weighing 34.74 pounds while fishing the American Falls Reservoir in southeastern Idaho. The record rainbow trout broke the state record by 14.72 pounds and Idaho Fish & Game officials are checking on how it ranks in the lower 48. Accrding to, it might in fact be the biggest.

According to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), the all-tackle world record rainbow trout is 48 pounds, caught in Lake Diefenbaker, Canada by Sean Konrad.

  • Steve h.


  • Don Morgan

    Must be a Steelhead. (ocean going Rainbow) Columbis to Snake to ???

    • chris

      no steelhead he caught it in American falls reservour.

  • Mike Balko

    What Pound test was he useing i wonder , Awesome

    • tim

      It was a ten pound test line

  • http://yahoo William

    why is there a line mark around the back of the fish. It wasn"t snagged was it

    • BillBo

      Really William? Jealous much?

  • tigermusky John&quot

    Beautiful fish,congratulations ;-);-);-)

  • Baltazar Barron Jr

    As a life time fisherman i can only dream of hooking one that size, you will hear much talk, most envy talk,



  • Darrell Jackson

    Greaty fish Mr Adams from a jealous Twin Falls angler

  • Dennis Stapleton

    That fish looks more like a salmon than a trout. What a catch!

  • http://fishski fishski

    That's a big f er

  • roland martin

    def not an ordinary rainbow. salmon or some hybrid

    • Will Betty

      Roland you are right, it is definately not an ordinary rainbow, it is an extraordinary rainbow! My guess is the old guy led a charmed life in the holes of American Falls reservoir and capitalized on being at the top of his food chain in his neck of the woods. May possibly be a cut-bow, but, I am not seeing any of the visual characteristics. My uncle owns a fish farm and I have seen several rainbows pushing this size in his honey hole! Granted, they were on a high protein shrimp based diet, but they got huge! It is genetically possible.

  • B. Harp

    Steelhead could not surmount all the dams to reach American Falls Reservoir. Congrats, fisherperson! Sure would like to know line weight.

  • Rich Sharp, nor cal

    trout are salomnoide how ever true salmon "ALL" have a

    forked vee shape tail thus this straight one is what a trophy TROUT

    May be worth a trip to Idaho Congrats on your new state record maybe lower 48

  • Rainman

    Most probably a Triploid bred to grow to massive sizes and be dumb as rocks. Do a search and look at some of those monsters.

  • Liam

    Someone snuck into a fish farm and stole one of their brood fish.

  • Jim Allen

    Doesnt matter Liam it was caught in the wild ! Get over it!

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