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Catfish Fishing South Dakota

Potential South Dakota Record Blue Catfish

by Game & Fish Staff   |  August 2nd, 2012 0

How do you know you've landed an absolute monster? When it's too big for you to hold up! Corky Lemon stands center in this shot with a 35-pound blue cat while his potential state-record-blue-behemoth -- 99.25 pounds -- is to the left, being hoisted up by Dick Hinrichsen. To the right is Terry Matheny with his 71-pound monster. Photo courtesy of Sioux City Journal.

Corky Lemon and his fishing partner, Terry Matheny, had a magical day on the water on July 21st, as participants in a Big Sioux Catfish league event.

While their fish count number wasn’t all that impressive — four fish between the two of them — the total weight of their haul — 210.25 pounds — was incredible, including a potential new South Dakota state record blue cat that weighed a scale-breaking 99.25 pounds!

According to the Sioux City Journal, Corkey and Matheny were dropping their bait into a pair of deep and dirty holes around the west entrance of Stone Park when Matheny hauled in a 71-pound blue cat followed by Lemon’s 99.25-pound whiskerfish. The pair also brought home another 35-pound blue and a five-pound channel cat.

The 99 pounder was a load for Lemon.

“That fish just about pulled me out of the boat,” Lemon reports. “I’ve never had a fish pull that hard in all my life.”

After landing the massive cat, the pair hauled the fish back in and had it weighed on a certified scale and have since applied to the South Dakota Game and Fish and Parks for state-record certification.

If certified, Lemon’s blue cat would break a 43-year-old record that was held by Edward B. Elliot, who caught a 97-pounder on the Missouri river in 1969.

The world-record blue cat — a 143 pound dump-truck-sized-monster – was caught just last year on Buggs Island Lake, Virginia by Nick Anderson.


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