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Catfish Fishing Texas

One-Acre Pond In Urban DFW Produces 50-Pound Blue Cat

by Game & Fish Staff   |  June 1st, 2011 18

Brett Lee Curran caught this 50 pound blue catfish in an urband pond in the greater DFW area.

Collyville, TX — Using a 7-foot rod with 17-pound test, Texas eighth grader Brett Lee Curran kicked off his summer fishing with a whopper — a 50 pound blue cat in a pond that sits just a mile and half from DFW airport…and is only an acre big.

The kicker to the story is that the pond had never been stocked with catfish — only rainbow trout back in 1994.

“They said it was 42 inches long and 32 inches around,” said the dad.

You can read the entire story in the Colleyville Courier.

  • Otto Sontheimer

    I am surprised that no one has commented before me. Is everyone too jealous to say congratulations? That is the catch of a lifetime!

  • Richard Leach

    Wow! Nice Cat. Good Job!

  • Sue

    AWESOME!! That cat must have been a great fight. How long did it take to get it in? My fishing season didn't start off like yours….maybe it will end like this.

  • Ed

    WOOOW! Just need some hushpuppies and mashed potatoes!

  • Alan

    Wonder how many stocked trout that monster cat ate?…Ha!

  • Austin Fleming

    Dude i wish my grandma's blue cats got that big….but the bass are huge

  • http://yahoo pam miller

    id like to find m that big all i get is 6-8lbs cong man.

  • OK Catfish

    Has no one asked how a blue cat got that big in such a small pond????? I say congrats to the lad, but where did it come from? Planted maybe???

    • K. Jones

      Fish typically grow to thier surroundings, there are blue cats that have grown up to 150lbs or larger so being the only real preditory fish in the lake it could of contributed to its size

  • chris cooper

    wow big cat. congrats :) bigger than any i ever caught good job!!

  • Jack

    Congrts to the boy for the catch, but the reporting media is shameful. I was curious when it mentioned he was fishing with a 7 foot rod and 17 lb test line (typical catfish tackle) so I read on in the local newspaper mentioned in story. The pond was a strom/flood control pond next to two major rivers and that several other 20 plus cats had been caught there before.Now I don't want to seem bitter or cynical but the media reports only what it wants to make the story fantasic. That is a great catch for anyone let alone a young boy but be careful what you read, and be extra careful on what you pass on.

  • JaKovWho

    Doesn't matter what else this kid catch ever catches, this is THE CATCH; FISH-TALE of HIS LIFE-TIME…CONGRATULATIONS, young-blood!

  • carl

    caught 47.5 last week twice the size of that fish seen alot of big cats thats not even 30 +

  • Jeremy

    Kids got me beat, I thought a 32 inch 7 pound Pike was awesome for a kid…..

    My hats off to you.

  • jakeSEO

    I guess everything is bigger in Texas!

  • Andrea

    Congrats! That is one beautiful fish. I also fish the ponds around DFW. Biggest was a 20lb blue at a pond in Coppell. Keep fishing!

  • Marnie Tunay

    Congrats, indeed! That's a beautiful photo!

  • Rj Mickens

    what is the ponds location because i'm also a fisherman

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