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Catfish Fishing

New All-Tackle World Record Catfish

by Game & Fish Staff   |  June 8th, 2011 235

260 pounds!

Kradi, Thailand — It’s official – the giant Mekong catfish caught by retired Royal Navy officer Martin David Kent in Thailand is the new all tackle world record for the species according to the International Game Fish Association.

The lake monster weighed an amazing 260 lbs. and was seven feet long. According to Kent, he was using a tiny piece of sweet corn as bait when the big fish bit. The battle lasted 55 minutes with Kent having to enter the water to try and bring the fish in.

“I usually catch bass weighing four or five pounds off the Pembrokeshire coast so this was a bit bigger than I’m used to,” understated Kent.

In 2005 a 646 Mekong was netted by local fisherman, which is the freshwater record for this species.

  • Boynton D. Knipple I

    Now, dat's a big 'un.

    • don

      ThATS what she said…

      • Brad GUStafson

        Is this DJ Gaudio??? -BraDena!

      • gregory


        • Dalton


          you have to touch your nose and say a color everytime someone says thats what she said the last person to do it or doesnt do has to make a sex noise!! lmfao we do this at school all the time

    • jeff

      it was on a fish farm and he used 80 lb test

      then released back

      the last world record was out of the same pond

      not good at all

      • jeff

        they also put the fish back!!! no one ate this big guy

        it should not be considered a record in a farm lake

        where they raise them to get that big

        the lake is like a day spa for fisherman they have massages and a martini bar lol

        • matt

          a fish that large is pretty much unedible…when i fish gets so large they r more prone to parasites and the meat is very muddy

          • Dwain Holmes

            We have eaten blue cats well over 50# and they are super,better than 2# but they have to be bled out.Any time you taste mud it is the blood taste.That is why We always remove the red meat from all fish and it is why jack crevell always taste muddy,all dark meat.

          • http://Facebook Steven Hays

            not if you know how to clean and filet them,i once filet a 160lb flathead and you couldnt tell the taste from a 10 pounder

        • anna

          well mr smarty pants they have them that big at lock and dam 13 in barling ar and thats not a farm, its a river, in fact its the arkansas river!… they had a diver that had to go down there and the diver took a picture of it. it scared the jeepers out of diver. they can get big enough to eat a man whole.

          • Chris Dean

            I used to fish at David Terry Lock and Dam and we would catch 80-100 lbs and they tasted good.

          • eek

            ok for u arkansas smart folk u cant catch a makong there and if u ca prove me wrong it will give alot of people a valid reaon to visit ur state. read the artical just dont look at the pic and btw makongs look nothing like american catfish, anna learn to read you 2 chris. But hay u provide pics of a makong caught in arkansas river i will come down there kiss ur ass and go fishn w ya but try reading first.

          • Dr. Walter Reed

            Anna and any other poor unafortunate souls that believe that this cat fish is in Arkansas. Please come into my office for a Mentall Illness check up. Reason being how is it possible that the landscape for this picture looks nothing like Arkansas. Antoher reason is no one in this picture looks like they live in Arkansas. Last reason you probally are Retarded is that the Picture says taken in Thialand

          • Eric B.

            Ive heard this same BS story around every large dam ive ever lived by.

          • medders

            every lock and dam has that story!!!

          • http://Facebook Steven Hays

            that is a tale that goes along with every locand dam,but i have never saw the first picture to prove that they get that big,have you ? Probably not!That same thing was said bout the guntersville dam in alabama,but never any pictures.

        • Dr. Walter Reed

          Well Jeff You ovisouly do not know your geography that well. This wasnt at a fish pond. You clearly didn't graduate

          high school

          • Undisclosed Sender

            You need to read b4 you respond. They didn't say it was in Ark. They said they had them that big in Ark. And you're a doctor?? Why am I not surprised you got it all wrong??

          • eek

            erik b im with ya bro i hear about b s stories about giant fish around damns and havent seen shit. this fish is actual proof of somthing and the farm they saposedly caught this fish at is huge not a lil cement or silt pond we have in the states it is a massive area set aside for breeding program for this protected species.

        • K-Day

          still a fun fight!!!

          • eek

            dear undisclosed sender, so u think arkansas has that big of catfish maby 80-100 lbs but not as big as one in pic.

            if u want to catch truly big cats in the wild go to spain and fish for the introduced wells cats. or if u wont to catch a truly big monster go to the northwest and go fish for white sturgeon.

          • Dr. Walter Reed

            Undisclosed Sender is the definition of a hypocrite. Any person should read what is posted before they should respond. But for you, well your brain requries you to read what is posted 13 times before you respond.

        • derek

          i agree

      • TheFishLord

        Poor Jeffy sounds like hes mad cause didnt catch a what the hell does it matter where it was caught , the thing is it was!!! JEALOUSY will get you no where.I ve got catfish 6 ft long in the river so not much bigger.. I say congrats to him!!

        • FishAholic

          Any fish or animal that is raised in captivity has no predators and gets all the food it can eat without the work of hunting it, is an example of obesity that can hardly move about. Thereby it should not even be allowed as an entrant in any records. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Fish

            I agree, its different if its in a natural environment and gets that big but if ppl are feeding this thing its really bs, and shouldn't b a record…Jeremy Wade is the man.

          • Ron

            you just mad because u did'nt catch it,would'nt it be the same as the largest man that had to be buried in a piano case because of obesity,you know it had to be fun to fight that fish for 55 min,but u probably do your fish tournments of bass tournment on playstation.

          • Allen Haagenson

            Some guy tomorrow could easily go to the same place and catch the same damn fish, im not trying to put down Martin, the guy who caught it, im just saying if its in a pond and they released it back into it, next year it will be bigger and someone else will catch the same fish, not very sporting, feel sorry for the fish.

          • Audrey

            I agree!

          • Fly

            reeling for 55 min to catch "dead weight" is different then reeling for 55 min to catch "resistance weight"… I bet it wasn't as fun to reel in as some would assume. Personally, I'd be more proud to catch a 10lb Brown or Rainbow or even a Bass on a fly-rod then use 100lb test to catch a farmer that you know has no chance of breaking off. Now if this guy comes back and says he used 10lb test line to catch this…OK…that's a different story.

        • G.E. Cade

          IT matters ALOT.. Unless yuur a dummasss HIGH FENCE hunter and think thats FARE CHASE TOOOO

          • HippiWitch

            Exactly. If you hunt a farm and get a world record deer, it is not hunting. why even shoot the thing? just go out, put a rope around its neck lead it back to the barn, measure it and let it go. This fish is big, but big deal.

        • JERRY

          it does matter where it what caught.anybody can catch a fish on a farm that grows them.How is that a record. Go to a regular river or lake,then try and catch one that big. GOOD LUCK.

        • http://Facebook Steven Hays

          How do we even know that it is a real picture,for all we know it could have been pasted and croped to look that big.besides if it wasnt caught in the u.s.a it does'nt matter

          • Ray

            I agree with Steven. I wonder if 3 men could hold a live fish like the picture looks. I've caught a lot of catfish and never seen one not trying to flop unless it was nearly dead. Anyway it looks fake to me , but maby they look that way over there.

      • juan

        kind of a circle jerk

      • Jerry Coatney

        Looks totally photoshopped to me. The guys don't look that strained holding up 87 lbs each of slipery dead weight and the depth of field is awesome. I vote for a fake photo.

        • farquhar

          i agree completly that picture is TOTAL crap and the person who "caught" it needs to the wild and catch a real monster not that farm bread bullshit

    • harold

      Must have fed that one a lot of crap !

    • big daddy rabbitt

      hell they don't even look like they are trying too hard to hold it out of the water and it would be wiggling around to try and get loose, especially that close to the water

      • G.E. Cade

        There is THREE (3) midgets in WET SUITES holding from under neath so they can look good in the photo…:}

        • Mike E.


      • eek

        big daddy rabbit aka big dumbass omg ur a dumbass serious its a still frame not a video!!

      • dual

        im sorry to say you are wrong. when you catch large fish you fight with thyem until they tire out.then you would bring them in. so it would be tired out from the fight and not trying to wiggle free……..

    • kieron

      tiny piece of sweetcorn erm think thats a lie nice fish though

      • eek

        nope makongs are vegaterians look at there moth and way there eyes sit on there head.

    • http://Facebook Steven Hays

      It"s fake,you would never put something that big back,it would'nt survive after being held that believe it if you want to,i don"t

  • Bill Tigue

    I bet our Arkansas "Noodlers" would be cautious around this fish, eh?

    • Johhny Rico

      Bill: that would be one of those man killers from noodling… probably killed a couple guys already..

      • Big Ran

        That's how he got that big- eating noodlers.


      your arkansas noodlers would be muffed up around this beast

    • Larry Nunn

      Mississippi's good ole boys as well

  • Fred Harris

    A right nice little fiddler

  • dalton heyer

    HOLY S***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that thing is HUGE!!!!!!!!

    • Ronald Mouton

      we throw them back over here

      • will

        yeah thats why your fish has the world record

    • Dan

      thats what she said

    • UKfisher48

      thats what she said

  • Gary Brittle

    Now that will make alot of Hushpuppy's!!

    • duh

      hush puppies are made from cornmeal batter deep fried..not fish

    • Ron Baker

      hushpuppys are made from meal not catfish duh

    • kevin hampton

      hush puppies lol i dont see any corm meal there but that sure beat my 59 pound flat head i caught on 12 pound test line on rod and reel

    • Joe

      Sorry to dissapoint you but hushpuppies aren't made out of the fish! LOL!!! Corn meal, sugar, spices, etc.

    • eek

      wow i hope u are just joking becase if not ur a dumbass

  • randy luttrull

    dang when do i get to go lol

  • Ray Hajduga

    I want to see someone Noodle one of those……lol

    • Edward

      Me too Ray! They might end up the one being "noodled"!

      • Dillon

        i'll do it….might need like 3 spotters though lol

    • Joe

      They might try to "noodle", but would end up "foodle!"

  • Michael Stubbs

    Catch and release, I hope

    • josh thompson

      i hope not… put it in my freezer

    • Kim

      Me too! Probably not, since they didn't say it. At least Jeremy Wade puts them back (unless they get too beaten up like the Tiger Fish).

      • OT

        Jeremy wade is the man!

    • Joe

      You talking about the catfish? LOL!

    • eek

      read the artical dumbass

  • Ronald Mouton

    send that to cajun country we will show you what to do with that

    • Kim

      Is that all you have to do to get good cajun recipes? I'll send you a few! Spent a summer in New Orleans and got hooked on that and seafood. Hard to come by that kind of good cooking in the middle of the states! We even have to drive 3 hrs for Popeye's! lol

      • dwayne herndon

        thats the truth

      • Beth Richards

        only 3 hours? We have to drive 5! lol

    • Fish

      Alligator bait

  • Ronald Mouton

    shoot him elizabeth

    • mitch weebs


      • big daddy rabbitt

        that thing is a monster and i agree with you guys it shouldn't be a record unless it was in the wild, because how do we know that he caught it at all and he had to know that they were monsters like that in that pond

    • Jason Walters

      You said it wrong its shoooot 'em lizabeth but its still the funniest thing I have read on here

      • Bucky Goldstien

        it's "choot, lizbet, choot!

        • Big Ran

          OK- now that's funny.

      • Jarhead

        As did you. it's "choot em, lizbeth!"

    • Roger McGowan


    • David Marek

      It's "choot em lizbeth".

      Made me laugh!

  • razo mullah

    its a gorges monster !

  • michael murray


  • s.sbrown

    oh thats just a baby

    • http://fox Boe Boston

      true haha jk

  • michelle

    Now why can i not ever land a fish that size.

  • tim

    usimng a tiny piece of corn?? right , thenm his rig was not set up for that kind of weight .. whatever dude

    • david

      yea i know right

    • jason

      tim ……learn how to spell ..omg ….USIMNG…wtf…THENM… you even know what the hell you are talking about… are just pissed cause you didnt catch it…

      • DAVID


        • hayden


      • tim

        I know how to spell. I was in a hurry to go buy some corn . I'm a disabled veteran and try to fish everyday . I wouldn't post a comment if I didn't know what I was talking about. Maybe the guy was using a 900 pound test barrel swivel and the fish just rolled all they way up to him~~

        • Joe

          I'm with you Tim! Don't worry about him… Some people have small dicks so they try to degrade others to make themselves feel better! LOL!

    • kevin hampton

      i caught a 59 pound flat head its the clear wtaer record from the spill way using 12 stren line and rod and reel was using a perch for bait hand size and i wasnt set up for it either but i still caught it and got it on bank and had 3 fish frys with it

      • Mark

        You were using hand sized perch for bait, and was not set up for a big fish? Good Lord, what else could swallow a hand-sized perch(Largemouth), but still, thats some big bait! The article doesn't say what he was using for tackle, but I think it's definitely not accurrate.

        • dan matchik

          seen pike take hand sized perch from my buddies fishing line as he retrieved the perch.

        • Justin

          i go for pike in montana all the time with 6 pound line and a light action rod just cause i find it funner and more of a challenge when you get bigger fish on, usually thats all i use no matter what i go for

      • Dave Berns

        Kevin, that's real lame that you have to tell everyone. Nobody cares you little Hebrew

      • billy joe Nobeaner

        Kevin you forgot to call and invite me to a least 1 fish fry.

        Dang shelfish of you.

    • Joe

      That's what I was thinking… 80lb test and a giant hook with 1 little kernal of corn??? Whatever!

    • eek

      vegaterian dude

  • Roy Warfield

    That's a big lunch!Probably feed an army.LOL.

  • Maria

    Wow!!! Congrats! I bet that fed a lot of people!

  • Jeff Graybill

    I don't beleave its real

    • stacey

      me neither…..fished is not bowed or limp…

      • Les

        You say it's not bowed or limp…………Well see the 3 guys hands underneath it holding the fish up? It wouldn't be limp,it was just caught & probably has a little life left in it! We use to catch fish around 100 to 150lbs near my grandfathers house & put them in horse troughs with fresh oygenated water for 2 days…. it removes most of the fat and taste Excellent!!

        • Joe

          I don't care what anyone says, I've caught a lot of cats, and the bigger they are, the more sag they have… There should be a lot of sag around their arms… Especially weighing close 300 lbs!!!

      • Joe

        Another thing I don't understand is where is the whiskers? Most cats that size have whiskers big enough to fry LOL!

    • Les

      It's REAL, I've seen them that size and bigger. We caught one 2yrs ago that weighed 214lbs. Gave the majority of it to the people in the village nearby. Lot's of fun hauling it in, it quit fight after a while but reeling in "dead" weigh was tiresome!

      • Joe

        How could you see them bigger if it is a world record???

  • J

    Hmmm there's something FISHY about this..

    • stacey


  • Billy Bob

    I smell a fish fry comin on

  • http://Faceboom JR Anderson

    Did ya catch if with Ronco pocket fisherman Dave.

  • Sandra

    It's cute! Look at it's little eyes. Wonder what Jeremy Wade thinks about it?

  • Charlie

    That's enough catfish to give everyone in New Orleans a sandwich.

  • brandon

    damn wat a cat

  • chelsea

    WOW! i'd stuff it and hang it on my wall!!!

  • josh

    it dont even look like a CATFISH not even close

    • jason

      dude are u fuckin blind…the only thing thats missin on it is whiskers…hell if it had whiskers it would look like a monster channel cat down south… you even know what a cat fish looks like…stupid ASS…

      • griff

        Maybe there there they don't have whiskers have u ever caught one from there you f–ktard

        • Les

          Mekong catfish has whiskers(feelers). They are located towards the middle of the lower mouth/jaw. You can't see them because the guys arm is in the way…If you copy the picture and enlarge it, you can see the tips of the just below the guys arm. There's thousands of species os catfish, some are brown, silver, blueish,etc. and the heads are shaped different. Some have 3-4ft whiskers & some have 6inch to 12inch whiskers, there's even a couple of species that have mulitple sets of whiskers. Anyway, this fish is real and from the cold rivers of Thailand. Hope this info helps! Rock On & have a Blessed Day.

  • dougc426

    I hope they released the fish back

  • Mark

    Can you imagine the tartar sauce needed…

  • mike

    wonder how long it took,to grow that big.i hope they released thats what id call brood stock.

  • http://yahoo Douglas Eubanks

    Didnt someone catch like a 850lb one on the mississippi??

    • http://deleted hayden

      that dosent matter. it says that its the record for this species.

    • Dave Sawyer

      850 out of the Mississippi? ya right . The record blue is in the 120 range.

      • Big Ran

        I've seen photos taken in the 1800's of seven- and eight-foot blues hung up in a slaughter house on the banks of the Mississippi. These, I'm sure, were taken well before records were kept and this was a commercial fishery, so no telling how they were caught. Don't know how much these weighed, but blues do get big- don't know about 850, but they do get big.


    GOOD JOB GYS ,cats that big dont need wiskers HOOKER

  • charles wakefeild

    U talking about some fillets but them bug eyes guess just use to the good old flatheads yellowcats in tn. Like to catch one like that in wataga lake! Wonder what the tn record is 4 the largest cat is?

  • chris

    wow that thing can feed alot of pigme's

  • Bumble Bee Tuna

    I got a catfish bigger than that in my toilet bowl !!!!

  • stacey

    great fish..but looks fishy.. 3 guys holding and its not limp or bowing down in the middle????it looks stiff as a board…..too much photoshop goin on these days to beleive every pic…sorry


    i think i saw an episode of jermey wade over there fishing for cats that size.

  • Pearly Papules

    Thats awesome fish! Id like to catch this kind of fish some day!

  • matt

    Happiness is a big fish.

  • greg honaker

    here in Louisiana , we might catch sumthin that big but throw em back cause the meat isnt good when theyre that big.there's a lotta waste when cleaning em. but he got the record , can't take nothin away from the man…..go ahead my catfishin brit brotha!!!!

  • Kathi

    Yes Jeremey Wade did do an episode4 in the Mekong. He was after the Big Cats of course. He caught a pretty huge one .. don't recall the exact size, but he had to get it and wrestle it to shore if I recall and I dont recall how many it took to hold it. Jeremey is so cool .. he gave the fish to the villagers and they had a big feast on it.

  • trey hicks

    i would like to cach a huge catfish like that. but all i have is a line that can hold up to 65 lb.

    • Steveomac

      65 pound test is plenty for a fish that size, i just caught a 35 pounder in Guatemala using 8 lb test. 65 would catch a cat in the 260 range

  • trey hicks

    and a fishing rod, hooks, and tackle

    • max

      zebco will do it lol

  • ethan matthew

    i wish i could catch a fish like that

  • scotty gagne

    know my zebco woulda been smokin ; )

  • carlos dana jr

    thats a pretty big ol' fish i wish there was something like that in the carolinas. i in the north american fishing club an i m just wish i could fight something that big al rato

    • dan matchik

      try the santee cooper reservation in the carolinas. I've seen people fish for them w/whole chickens. Saw a lot of big cats taken

  • mike


    • http://deleted hayden

      it is. and even if its not they can grow up to ten feet and 650 pounds. this is from multiple resources so its most likely true which means they either caught a fish that big or found fossils that big so that means that that should be the record. not this.

      • Steveomac

        they know that they can get 650 pounds because they caught one that size in a net and is the largest one of this species. the reason this one is the record is because its the largest caught using fishing tackle.

    • Me

      I agree

  • Cindy

    Awesum catch BUT NOT American Fishing !

  • Sean

    OK…. I

    m calling B.S. Are really going to believe he put a single piece of corn on a grapling hook, tied to the end of a rope? He DID NOT reel that thing in on gear used to catch 4-5 lb bass!!

  • Me


  • steve

    I call B.S……….It would take more than 3 ppl to hold that fish. And where are its whiskers???? Hell it even looks fake…. IM JUST SAYIN…

    • Les

      I suggest you read my comments above! It's the REAL thing.

  • meg

    Poor fishie :(

    • Sean

      shut up meg (family guy)

  • frank herycyk

    for what it s worth i would like to come over for some of that fish so when is diner ?

  • Tony Serrano

    Man!! That's the one that got away from me???

  • Colby

    mine wus about a 1/20 th of that monsters weight and prob. about 1/3 of the length. mine was 30 in, and 13 lbs

  • Pup

    ONE Word! IMPRESSIVE!!!!!

  • http://facebook tamme

    wow thats a big catfish man bet it bought to break your line and pole

  • freda b.

    now thats what ya call one big fish

  • Russ

    I'm a fisherman who spends three months of the year in Thailand, and have caught many Mekong Cats weighing 60- 100 lbs. This was probably caught in stocked lake, as they are very rare in the wild. This fish specific fish has probably been caught many times before as

    most of the 'commercial lakes' require the fish to be released. I've never heard of Kradi Thailand, so they probably mean Krabi.

    • jeff

      there is a Kradi in Thailand!

      You dont need to be a HATER especially if you

      dont know what your talking about! you could have been catching

      a different species of cat, there are over 2000 and 60 -100 lbs are good sized but common

      • jeff

        But it was in a private lake generated to produce over 200 giant species of fish and he was using 80lb test line and was released back to be caught again

        since it was in a fish farm it should not be considered a record

        the last world record caught for that species was out of the same lake

  • Mal

    We going to need a bigger SKILLET!!!

  • Leona

    That's some catch!!

  • http://googlechrome angela jowers

    Thats going to be one hell-of-a fishfry party…

  • tunatime

    catfish is friggin gross eating and they fight like a log…..try catchin a real fish…BLUEFIN TUNAAAAA

    • Sean

      no body cares

  • Sean

    Give a man this fish, he eats for the rest of his life. Teach a man to fish and they'll never catch something this damn big

    • jeff

      it was on a fish farm and he used 80 lb test

      then released back

      the last world record was out of the same pond

  • patricia

    dam thats a big fish

  • jeff d.

    is this for real

  • ur penis

    It's fake…

  • dave

    great catch!! wish they got that big in iowa lol

  • colby chaney

    too bad it takes more than a piece of corn to land a woman that size..

    • RER

      try a box of "Bon Bons"

  • Flexxx

    We catch them l that with our arm or leg all the times in Mississippi…, it's called noodling!!! Reckon your sack is big enough for u to try it? And then we throw it back! It's too big, old and tough to eat. Only good for brooding!

  • Flexxx

    We catch them like that with our arm or leg all the times in Mississippi…, it’s called noodling!!! Reckon your sack is big enough for u to try it? And then we throw 'em back! They're too big, old and tough to eat. Only good for brooding!

  • http://yahoo BREE


  • JBeaver

    does the Mekong Catfish exist only in Thiland? Probably, the Mekong River? sort of looks like a Blue Cat we have in the mid-west lakes and rivers. They get pretty big too.

  • CountryGirl95

    Damn thats a big n.. what do yall catch em on?

  • brotherwolf

    Where there is one, there is more, count on it!!!

  • Hankk Andrew Napolit

    now i know ya'all did catch that monster with your arm, how long did it take to pull that big guy in ?? good job me friend

  • Joe

    I am a graphic Artist, and it looks like a cut and pasted pic to me!

  • zach

    they actualy caught a crock but they zoomed in on a catfish and cropped it in !!!!

  • MuddyRiver

    Seriously? What 260lb fish is going to eat "A tiny piece of sweet corn".

    • Joey

      What kind of dumbass goes cat fishing with 80lb line and only uses a tiny piece of sweet corn as bait? Whole story= total bullshit.

  • the big chees

    if he usually gets bass weighing four or five pounds the why would he have the line to handdle a fish that big

  • Bubba

    How many PoBoy's could I make with that?

  • Joe B

    Where's da hush puppies?

  • ICUrDrawerz

    They said they used a kernel of corn as bait….Yeah right. I'd believe they used a 40 pound crickett

  • nathan

    leave the man alone.who cares how big or small the tackle he was using.or if it was caught in the wild or a stock pond. the fact that he cauhgt somthing that big is pretty amazing hats off to you brother. for all those talking shit about his fish yall are just jealous and i know if yall were to catch a fish that big wild or stocked pond you would show off to

  • kristie

    im just amazed that the man actually went in the water with the beast mus less caught it with corn….. nathan u said it all way to go man…. i wud have loved that fight thats all part of fishing ….love it

  • chris hamrick

    wow awesome catch what a monster !!!!truly amazing heck that fish would feed a small country lol!!!

  • me

    that is crazy

  • Chessie Roberts

    i seen a fish like this one before at bass pro shop in georgia but it was a rubber fish to hang on your if this was caught where is the blood if your gonna fight a fish for 55 mins theres gonna be some blood…and dont say the water washed it off dont be a dunbass…and where is the white guys ohter hand..must not be that heavy there only using one hand..wat the other dude is picking it up by himself..WRONG!!!……FAKE AS HELL..THANKYOU!!!

  • Charles Nicholls

    Actually Chessie if you look close enough the guy in the center has both hands visible, right next to each other. the guy on the right also is using both hands, the second hand is located right at the water line next to center guys hands.

    The problem is that, if this was a 260 pound fish, they'd be doing a LOT more straining to hold him up. The only way they would be able to hold him AT ALL is if he is DEAD, thus no struggling on the part of the fish and possibly getting stabbed by the barbs.

  • jenn

    Jeremy Wade eat your heart out !

  • dave

    looks to me like a caged up whitetail shouldnt be leagl for the records,and the owner of the pond probaly made him turn it loose

  • Jones

    I think Jeremy Wade has a new challenge on his hands.


  • campgod

    Yeah, A nice big cat for sure and who wouldnt love to fight that one on a line…..but to go as far as to call it a world record is lame. A fish farm? Come on….WTF thats lame. Who would even fish in one of those things? Anything not caught or shot in the wild shouldnt count as a world record. If we do then there should be another category for those things.

  • Troy Ward

    Looks pretty fake. Have you ever picked up a large fish like this? The belly sags like you are holding a huge water balloon, your arms would sink into it. The fish in the pic looks like a plastic rendition, like the ones you buy in Mexico.

    • Michael Lankford

      That was the first thing I noticed Troy! That's One Firm Fish!!

  • tommy

    FARM RAISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirk M

    I agree with Troy that fish looks fake as hell!! And alot of you morons on here that dont care it was a farm raised fish….that means that if you kept a carp in a pond in your backyard with all the corn and bread it could eat and there was no other fish in that pond and it got super big….you think that should count as a record??? How about it being in a koi pond hand fed every day?? Thats what this fish was. No way it should be a record!

  • Avid Fisherman

    Personally cant stand anyone who uses corn as bait!!! smaller fish that eat it cant digest it and just die. It may work well but if anyone wants fish in there lakes and ponds they should steer away from using corn!

    • eek

      hell to the yea

  • Trail Camera Reviews

    fishing with a tiny piece of sweet corn?? I can't imagine using a kernel of corn for bait on a rod that is big enough to handle a fish that size. something doesn't smell right

  • james T one

    The man fought with the fish for 55 min. A fish that size would wear itself out reel quick (yes I know I spelled real wrong but it was intentional)…….that probably why you don't see it struggling.

  • Chessie Roberts

    Well i just say its fake..that man should get banned fom fishin..that would teach him to talk bullshit and buy rubber fish..wehn real fishermen are out there fishin and never get there picture taken and plus there fishin in a lake..not a pond where the owners feed hte fish whole frikken……thats just a fake ass fish…thankyou america for fuckin up a very good sport……

    • Dr. Walter Reed

      You do understand what you have just stated right. You have just said that the giant cat fish in this picture is fake. What are you seven. This fish is clearly real. You lack common sense. Thank you for Fucking up the great sport of fishing Chessie Roberts

  • Shannon Jones

    Wow, this much drama over a picture and story of a catfish. I'd hate to be in this crowd during discussions of issues that really matter. Ya'll probably shoot each other over who's got the better idea for ending homelessness, incredible.

    • carlos

      u r just hating, cause that guy cuaght that finish, and it wasnt you,haterrrrr

    • Chessie Roberts

      This has nothing to do with the fish…keep your politics to your self…….are you ok then..neither is this this is the wrong site hun…..dont say shit on some random picture to get ppl to help with what you do….thanks

  • Chris W

    What size hook did he use?

  • carlos

    all i got to say, its good job to the guy that caught that beautyfull catfish, good job man

  • billy

    dam, thats a large fish

  • farquhar

    i agree completly that picture is TOTAL crap and the person who "caught" it needs to the wild and catch a real monster not that farm bread bullshit. and if any of yall think that its even remotly real yall need to get your eyes checked

  • Fly

    They were juggin' in a farm pond. lol

  • Fly

    reeling for 55 min to catch “dead weight” is different then reeling for 55 min to catch “resistance weight”… I bet it wasn’t as fun to reel in as some would assume. Personally, I’d be more proud to catch a 10lb Brown or Rainbow or even a Bass on a fly-rod then use 100lb test to catch a farmer that you know has no chance of breaking off. Now if this guy comes back and says he used 10lb test line to catch this…OK…that’s a different story.

  • mchornet7

    Like to see some of those rednecks noodle this one. :)

  • ThaiHawaiian

    I've never seen this kind of fish in Thailand (I'm Thai) hilarious.

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