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Minnesota Angler Faces Charges for Gross Over-the-Limit

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  June 4th, 2012 1
Minnesota sunfish

Photo from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

A Minnesota fisherman is in deep trouble after fishing way over the limit.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, a DNR officer arrested 39-year-old Chien Van Tran for reeling in a whopping 413 sunfish and 30 crappies over the legal limit.

Tran, an Otsego, Minn., resident, now faces misdemeanor charges with fines up to $3,000, with restitution for the total amount of fish valued at $2,015.

According to the DNR, State Conservation Officer Rick Reller watched Tran on April 4 at Pelican Lake. Tran placed a bag of fish into a locked compartment on his boat before leaving when Reller stopped him. When he asked Tran how the fishing was, Tran replied it was just OK and showed Reller a cooler with about 12 panfish.

Reller then asked if there were any more fish on board; Tran replied no several times before eventually confessing there were more fish in the boat. Reller inspected and found 134 sunfish and 19 crappies — the state daily limit is 20 sunfish and 10 crappies.

Then, Reller asked if Tran had any more fish at home, and with Tran’s permission, searched the suspect’s home in Otsego, discovering 11 bags with 299 sunfish and 21 crappies. Reller then seized Tran’s license, as well as his boat, motors and trailer.

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