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McNugget Bass: Lake Record LMB Caught on Snack Food

by Scott Bernarde   |  May 30th, 2017 0

Maybe your next bait stop on the way to the lake should be the McDonald’s drive-thru for some chicken McNugget bass snacks.

Texas angler Matthew McNellis has evidence the “McNugget bass pattern” works.

Earlier this month, McNeliis caught what might be a Lake Bardwell record largemouth bass by using the fast-food snack as bait, according to media reports.

Fishing with his girlfriend on May 8, the couple wasn’t able to get anything to bite until McNellis put a chicken chunk on his hook and ended up catching the lunker, CBS DFW in Dallas reported.

mcnugget bass

Matthew McNellis (left) with pending Lake Bardwell record LMB. (Highview Marina Facebook)

“That big ‘ole fish smacked a hold of it. We thought it was a catfish it was so big,” the angler told the station.

The catch weighed 10.8 pounds and measured 24 ½ inches long, according to Highview Marina in Ennis, Texas, which posted photos and info on the catch on Facebook. It is a pending lake record. The current record is 10.44 pounds, caught in 2006 on a minnow, according to Texas Parks & Wildlife data.

McNellis’ pending record isn’t the first successful angler to use McNuggets as bait — and likely not the last.

Earlier this month Game & Fish shared on Facebook a portion of the following YouTube video showing a tarpon caught on the fried nugget.

Here’s the full video:

Catching Tarpon on McNuggets

 Via Monster Mike Fishing

Want more? Here are more YouTube videos showing fish eating McNuggets:

Will McNuggets Catch Carp?

Via Paramount Fishing

Hand-Feeding McNugget to Bass


Not so surprising is the fact catfish love fried chicken, along with many unusual bait offerings. Check out this article on 10 secret catfish baits.

Here’s another article on weird fishing baits, from, which lists McNuggets in its top 10 list.

mcnugget bass

Pending Lake Bardwell (Texas) record largemouth bass caught on a chicken McNugget (Highview Marina Facebook)

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