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Catfish Fishing

Keep it Simple to Catch More Catfish

by Keith Sutton   |  February 28th, 2009 43

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Fishing for channel catfish should be uncomplicated — but that doesn’t mean the smart angler doesn’t have a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

The channel cat is the pinup of the catfish world – sleek, muscular and one of the best of all reasons to be a country kid with school just out and a farm pond nearby.

Fishing for these widespread whiskerfish is beautifully simple. Yet many ardent cat fans take this simplicity a step too far. They have one favorite place to fish, one favorite rig to use, one favored bait and one way to go about it. And if those don’t produce . . . well, there’s always next time.

Fact is, you can greatly improve your catfishing success by trying a few new tricks and by focusing your fishing effort on the most attractive catfish habitat in whatever water you do fish. Use favored approaches when they’re producing cats. But when the old standbys fail, the following pointers could help your catch rate soar.

You can catch channel cats on almost every type of bait imaginable, from crayfish, night crawlers and minnows to commercial stinkbaits, chicken liver and even Ivory soap. If big channels are your target, though, you’d be wise to use cut baits as often as possible.

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