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SC Woman Sees Jesus On A Stingray

by Game & Fish Staff   |  April 4th, 2012 14

It would be appropriate that the most recent sighting of an image of Jesus appearing on an earthly object happened right before Holy Week. The South Carolina Post & Courier is reporting that a James Island woman stumbled upon a dead cownose ray that she thought looked like …no…not Jesus, but rather a bearded homeless man.

However, after posting the cellphone photo to her Instagram account, a friend commented that the bearded homeless man actually looked like Jesus, the son of God.

“It was dead and I would have taken it with me, but I had no idea how to pick it up.”

Maybe she should have checked back in three days…

  • Whicket Williams

    don't joke about my master!

  • Guest

    "Maybe she should have checked back in three days…"

    Really, Decker? Tasteless.

  • Nobody

    Is there a need for relgious comments that make fun of Jesus. If you don't believe keep it to yourself. The government is doing a good enough job discremenating against Catholics and multiple Christians.

    • adecker44

      Who's making fun of Jesus?

      I'm certainly not…

      Happy Easter…

      • Mike

        That was a cheap shot and even less of a apology.

  • Brian

    It would be gone except for the sand sculpture of Turin. Lighten up. I'm a conservative christian and I think it's neat oddity and a witty response.

  • Steve

    'a friend commented that the bearded homeless man actually looked like Jesus, the son of God'. Oh, really? Indeed, for such a statement to be believable, the person would have to know what our Lord looked like (and that before His glorification). Finding the image of Christ in tacos and dead fish, etc is as superstitious as it is stupid. If you want to know what Christ looks like, read your Bible.

  • Chuck

    I agree and disagree with all the posters ,but in my opinion this is an article That should be left to publications other than my favorite hunting and fishing magazine.

  • Mike Carpenter

    He shows himself to us in some different ways to get our attention, but he's real and I know he's real.

    • Steve

      Surely Christ reveals His eternal power and divine nature in His creation (Romans 1:20) so clearly that it leaves us without excuse; but that is a different thing altogether than purportedly showing His face in a dead fish. He has revealed Himself authoritatively in His Word (Hebrews 1:1-2). Let us seek Him there. All else is mysticism and superstition.

      So how do you know He's real? Surely not through an image in a dead fish?

  • Jaret

    No one knows what Jesus looks like..

  • bubba

    who knows what Jesus looks like? Quit making fun and let people see what they want.

  • fred

    Gods a woman…

    I saw bigfoot on my toast this morning! LOL

  • Robert Dibell

    It indeed resembles Jesus, as we assume he looked.

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