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ice fishing in Minnesota

Overlooked Ice Fishing Gems in Minnesota

by Game & Fish Staff 0

When the majority of Minnesota anglers travel during the winter months to go ice fishing, it is for a specific… more »

Blue Gill, Sunfish, Shell cracker

Best New Ice Fishing Gear For 2014

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

From shelters and augers to clothing to rods and reels, this is the latest and greatest ice fishing gear for 2014.

Bob Shindelar

Ice Fisher Ties Idaho Yellow Perch Record

by Dylan Polk 1

Idaho angler Bob Shindelar tied the state record for yellow perch Saturday, reeling in a 16-inch, 2.6-pound perch out of… more »


Quickie Ice-Fishing Tactics For Walleye

by Noal Vick 0

You came in early all week, banking hours for a premature exodus on Friday. It’s 2 p.m., the cubicles won’t… more »


Two-Rod Ice Fishing Strategies

by Jeff Samsel 0

When you’re fishing through the ice, utilizing two rods can be more than twice as nice and can help you catch far more fish.


Ice Fishing Gear For 2012

by Matt Straw 2

In 2012, an underwater camera will slip into your shirt pocket. Solid graphite rods leave enough change from a $50 bill to feed the family. Innovative changes are on the way to make you more comfortable and more efficient.

Photo by Tom Migdalski

Wintertime Pacific Northwest Hunting & Fishing Options

by Terry Otto 0

For the leisurely outdoorsman, winter is a time to stay inside. It’s a time to tie flies, repair waders and… more »

Photo by Ron Sinfelt

Early Wisconsin Ice Fishing Options

by Ted Peck 2

Several years ago my hardwater fishing season kicked off on Rooney Lake, not far from Spooner. It was a good… more »

Photo by Ron Sinfelt

Minnesota’s Top Early Ice Fishing Options

by Mike Dombroske 0

With the heat and humidity of our most recent summer a distant memory, the temperature of Minnesota’s ice anglers is… more »


Hot Michigan Ice-Fishing Options

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

You don’t want to push your luck, but first ice produces some of the hottest ice-fishing of the year in… more »

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