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Ice Fishing Gear For 2012

by Matt Straw   |  December 21st, 2011 2

In 2012, an underwater camera will slip into your shirt pocket. Solid graphite rods leave enough change from a $50 bill to feed the family. Innovative changes are on the way to make you more comfortable and more efficient.


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St. Croix added two 36-inch sticks to a strong stable of rods this year, the St. Croix Premier PIR36L panfish rod and the PIR36MH for big walleyes and trout. Premiers are known for combining tips that are perfect for presentation with stout backbones that drive hooks. These new additions won’t disappoint. Premiers have solid graphite blanks, boosting sensitivity and durability. But, like the “woman that done you wrong,” Premiers are light, attractive, and deadly. At $30 a pop, they’re hard to turn down.

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