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Humminbird SOLIX 10: Unparalleled Fish Finding Power on Your Dash

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  March 9th, 2018 0
Humminbird's SOLIX offers anlgers underwater views in a multi-screen format.

Humminbird’s SOLIX 10 offers anlgers underwater views in a multi-screen format.

Having “eyes” underwater is critical to locating quality structure, monitoring depth changes and, ultimately, pinpointing fish. Humminbird’s SOLIX 10 offers a new level of clarity, one which puts unparalleled fish finding power on your dash.

The 10.1-inch unit operates via an intuitive touch screen (tap and screen swipe) and several hard controllers. A touchpad controls a cursor, letting you manipulate the unit while on the run. The scrolling cursor is incredibly responsive, letting you pinpoint structure and fish, then zoom in for a closer look.

Down imaging, side imaging, GPS mapping and ancillary information panes can be displayed simultaneously. Waypoints (or individual rocks for that matter) are stored instantaneously by touching and holding the screen for just a second. A full function home screen lets you customize the view, with as many as four functions being displayed at once.

Compatible with almost lctvery commercial mapping program (via card slot), the SOLIX pairs with Bluetooth devices (i.e., smart phones). Available in various sizes, the Humminbird SOLIX communicates with MinnKota trolling motor products, making both finding and staying zeroed-in on fish a breeze. (

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