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How to Decide Between a Two- or Four-Stroke Outboard Boat Engine

by Lee Boyt   |  July 25th, 2011 41

When the time comes to repower Old Faithful or to spring for a new boat, what kind of outboard are you going to buy? Tough question, given the dozens of innovative choices from the various engine manufacturers.

One of the biggest decisions is whether to invest in a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. With the proliferation of misinformation regarding this subject, it’s easy to confuse fact and fiction. Not to worry. We’ll walk you through the fundamentals and add some clarity to the subject.

In a two-stroke engine, the fuel-air mixture enters the combustion chamber via a opening in the side of the cylinder. The exhaust exits through another port in the cylinder.

Initially, two-stroke engines used carburetors to control the fuel-air mixture. But carbureted outboards aren’t particularly efficient. They also use a lot of fuel, and tend to be cantankerous creatures.

Today’s top-of-the-line two-stroke engines use a computerized Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) system to precisely regulate the fuel-air mix to suit the operating conditions. That results in amazing performance gains as well as great fuel economy and low emissions.

Typically, a two-stroke outboard is lighter than a similar-sized four-stroke engine because the two-stroke’s method of operation doesn’t require a valve train — camshafts, valves, belts or chains. Since the two-stroke isn’t encumbered with a valve train, the engine has fewer moving parts. Thus, it has less rotating mass. A two-stroke outboard can often accelerate faster than the same horsepower four-stroke.

The engine’s internal components receive lubrication from oil mixed into the fuel.

Contrary to popular belief, two-strokes aren’t a dying breed. The fact is, carbureted two-strokes are going away due to their inability to comply with increasingly stringent emissions legislation. However, the DFI two-stroke outboards are thriving and remain popular.

Four-stroke outboards use an engine very similar to an automobile’s. The air-fuel mixture flows into the combustion chamber through intake valves, and the exhaust leaves the engine via exhaust valves.

Because of these intake and exhaust valves (the valve train), a four-stroke outboard is usually heavier than a two-stroke outboard of the same horsepower. But, we see that changing: four-stroke manufacturers continue to pursue new ways to lighten the engines and extract more horsepower.

A four-stroke outboard’s lubrication system is like a car’s, complete with oil pan and filter — and the engine needs periodic oil changes to keep things running smooth.

The majority of four-stroke outboards feature sophisticated computer engine management systems and fuel injection for good performance across the power band, low emissions, and unparalleled fuel economy.

From an angler’s perspective, a boat is nothing but a means to get to where the fish are — a fishing platform — and the outboard is the driving force behind the boat. Tools of the trade, so to speak.

Taking that point of view, how do you pick the right outboard for your boat? Two-stroke or four-stroke — the broad answer is, it depends.

It depends on how you fish, where you fish, what kind of boat, and how much gear you carry with you.

If you’re a dedicated tournament angler, then you need an outboard that will pop the boat up on plane quickly and maximum top-end speed to get to the honey-holes before your competition does. In this case, a two-stroke might fill the bill nicely.

Fishing situations that require long periods of idling through no-wake zones, or pursuing bass in large impoundments where you’ll need to go several miles to find the fish, calls for an engine that’s quiet and stingy on fuel. A four-stroke could do well here.

The kind of boat also dictates the best engine. For example, every boat has a placard stating the boat’s weight capacity; a smaller boat may not be able to tolerate the additional weight of a four-stroke outboard. On the other hand, if your rig is one of the newer mega-boats — 21 feet plus, or if you fish alone and don’t take a bunch of extra stuff with you — then you can start looking at four-strokes.

A big boat or heavily loaded boat can benefit from the torque of a four-stroke outboard.

On the economic and practicality front, it’s important to consider who is going to service the engine and be there for you to take care of any potential warranty issues. The type of engine that your local dealer carries is a major consideration in choosing your new outboard.

Your local dealer will often work with you and perhaps make you a better deal at trade-in time, in addition to being available when trouble rears its ugly head.

Fuel economy and speed are comparable between two-strokes and four-strokes. Two-strokes tend to weigh less but can accelerate faster. Four-strokes tend to be quieter and have more torque than two-stroke outboards.

Both technologies are solid and highly evolved. Each has advantages an disadvantages.

Now you have a better idea which is the best for the transom of your fishing boat.

  • Ozzie

    I have a Merc Verado 175 and it is the quietest outboard i have ever owned. Fuel economy is excellent I would never by another 2 stroke

    • Michael Stanley

      You and most people are so misinformed when it comes to 2 stroke versus 4 stroke… Thanks to the PETA, tree huggers and Democrats, and Californians they have pushed the 4 stroke saying it is more environmental safe and so on… In all actuality a two stroke is cleaner burning, more powerful and an all around more reliable engine than a 4 stroke could ever be… But as Obama would have it "2 strokes" have been known to cause cancer in California lmao!!!!

  • Ron

    I have a 2 year old Mercury 4 stroke 40 that runs like crap, been to 3 dealers 5 times, going on for 3 months now and they can't figure it out. Buy a 2 stroke.

    • david

      This has nothing to with being a four stroke. You can get a lemon in any thing.

    • Scott Michael

      It not the Four Stroke thats the problem, it's a MERCURY. I work at a marine delaership and the Mercury products are constantly in for service, we don't sell them anymore because of this.

    • Mike

      The problem with your motor is not that it's a 4-stroke– it's that it is a Mercury. I've had 3 brand new Mercury motors, two 2-strokes and a 4-stroke, all 15 hp and all three had major power head issues. I finally got smart and bought Yamahas I have an F90 on my fishing boat and 9.9 on my hunting boat, both 4-strokes and never a problem.

  • Ike Douell

    I've got a 225 hp Evenrude E-Tec 2-stroke. It meets all clean air emissions requirements and is certified to run on Lake Tahoe (normally outlaws 2 strokes). The 225 hp motor trolls at 1.9 mph at idle and never has loaded up on me or caused me any problems. It is a very quiet motor and 200 lbs lighter than an equilivalent 4-stroke. Great power density and good fuel economy. I would buy one again.

    • Michael Stanley

      Well spoken… I have a degree in Marine Technology and bottom line by the laws of science a 4-stroke could never be a cleaner emissions engine or powerful as a 2-stroke can be!!

  • LD

    Have a 2005 Mercury Optimax 200. Runs like a scalded ape…

  • Reggie Howell

    I upgraded my 96 Force 120 to a 115 Mercury Optimax 2 stroke. the performance is outstanding as are the oil and fuel economy. It also is super quiet compared to the Force. I am fishing a 17.5 ft centerconsole and it now runs 10 miles an hour faster. I discussed my fishing habits (3-5 days a week, and the dealer convinced me that the upkeep on the 4-stroke much out weighed any advantages over the 2-stroke.

  • Goosetracker

    I have a 2001 4 stroke Yamaha used 95% of the time for trolling, my boat is a Laker 14 by Tracker. its a big deep V with 21 inch side walls. I use a 3 gallon tank and can probably go 2 weekends without running out of gas. One thing i would like to share with you all. Add STP engine treatment to every tank of gas. @ Walmart, small red plastic bottle will treat 20 gallons (about $2) I didn't in the beginning and what a mess I got into, no power, wouldn't start and more. I personally like the lack of noise and the smoke, my next one will also be a 4 cycle.

  • Scott Couch

    I am running a 2002 4 stroke Honda 50 tiller handler on a 16 foot modified Vee aluminum. It is quiet and uses less fuel than a 20 Merc I had on a 14 foot flat bottom. I admit it is not as fast as a 2 stroke, but it pushes my boat at 35 mph which is plenty fast where I do most of my fishing. It starts every time, it is not cold natured and very easy on fuel.


  • John

    I have a 20 ft pontoon and 4 stroke Merc 90hp. I can't the engine running. It has been a lemon for 3 yrs now

    • Scott Michael

      Change from a Mercury to a Yamaha, you will be MUCH happier!

  • mike holmes

    I have an Evinrude 150hp 2 stroke that screams my boat along at 70+ mph, my son (16yrs) now wants to take over my boat which is fine with me but I would like to trade for a100-115 that will not run that fast, any ideas?

    • david

      reather then trade to a smaller motor have the engine speed(rpm) limited to slow the boat speed.

  • westley

    i have a 1990 15 horse two stroke johnson it runs great wont trade it for a four stroke

  • Al Sutlick

    Have had a Mercury 40 HP 4 stroke on a work boat for 12 years now, and the only disadvantage I can see is the weight, which as they noted they are working on. The noise level of the 4 stroke is SO much less than my personal 40 HP 2 stroke. With the 2 stroke under near full throttle you have to holler to carry on a conversation; with the 4 stroke it is just slightly above normal conversation. And you can empty your gas into a lawnmower or even your car every few weeks to keep it fresh. Try disposing of a fuel-oil mix. I'm not comfortable with the oil injectors; they are very expensive to fix and seem to fail every couple of years.

    • Scott Michael

      Not to beat a dead horse, but the injectors are another common Mercury problem. To be fair this issue was also shared by Evinrude with the FICHT models.

  • Bob

    I have a Suzuki 150hp 4 stroke…….The best around,fuel efficient, so quiet and great power…Always will buy a 4 stroke. Suzuki great brand………….

  • http://Yahoo Bailey James

    Does anyone have info on using our 4 stroke in the winter for duck hunting ? Everyone talked about fishing what about using these engines in the dead of winter?

    • Scott Michael

      No issue Bailey, use away. Just make sure to tilt your engine down when you pull you boat out and drain all the water. When you put it away make sure to re-winterize (fog the cylinders).

  • richard

    Which one 4 or 2 stroke smokes more when idleing ?

  • jim yarbrough

    Gotta 09 E-tec 115 run on a 1860 War- Eagle jet-drive! Hard to beat 2 stroke of jet drive! 4 stroke sluggish un ressponsive and less speed! I can throttle mine back lil n get just as good fuel mileage as a four stroke!

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  • Jim

    I have E-Tec 25 for my Crestliner Jon Boat. It always starts on the first or second pull. The features BRP has built into the E-Tecs far out weighs those of the 4 stroke manufacturers. I am very pleased with my choice. The warranty is nothing to laugh at either. When trying to decide which motor to go with, be sure to do your homework. Don't just look at the price. I think you'll be very please with the E-Tecs.

  • MoHunter

    Can you even buy a 2 stroke today in north America?

  • Dennis1022

    I had a Yamaha 50 HP 4 stroke , the best thing is strong motor and I didn't have to worry about mixing oil with gas. I have a 25 evinrude 2 stroke and have to mix oil and pull start. Nothing beats having electric start and not have to mix and measure gas and oil. If I buy another large boat it will be a Yamaha and absolutely 4 stroke.

  • JOHN


  • Josh thiel

    My brother and I bought identical 2012 lund impacts both 1775 models. Well I got the 115 4 stroke mercury. My brother got the 115 optimax mercury. To sum it up, I would never get a four stroke again. His boat is 5 mph faster on top end and absolutely kills me in hole shot and midrange. His motor gets quite a bit better mpg too! Also if I want to pull a skier I have to change props, that stinks. My motor was more expensive than his by 1200 dollars. On his optimax he has troll controll , it trolls down just as slow as my four stroke. His troll controll gauge cost him around 850.00 . So it was still cheaper than mine us his smart craft gauges offer a ton of other options too. O ya my motor is quieter at idle , woopty doo !! Reliability has been perfect for both motors . But I noticed my four stroke runs 450 rpms higher than the opti at wot. I absolutely hate bringing my boat to the lake with my brothers it is embarrassing . I think if my brother bought a four stroke also we would both love them . Ignorance is bliss!!!

  • Matt

    Another thing to consider is a 4 stroke can be revived if submerged in saltwater and a 2 stroke has a way less chance of being saved. I have a 2006 Mercury 25 HP on a 13.5 Boston Whaler and it got turned over in high seas. Believe it or not the engine was saved and runs great. The only thing that went bad was starter. It was pickled very quickly after the mishap which was what saved it.

    • Bill

      In fresh water on a 2 stroke you can pull your plugs, crank the motor over a few times to get all the water out. Dry your plugs out with a lighter put them back in, crank the thing up and your good to go again

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