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Hang On: Hungry Bass Will Eat Your Caught Bream (Videos)

by Bryan Hendricks   |  May 31st, 2017 0

If you’re fishing for bream, don’t be surprised if a big hungry bass comes calling while you’re reeling in a panfish.

An exciting but unpredictable side benefit of fishing for bream is having a giant bass come out of hiding and inhale a frantic bream fighting for its life on the end of your line.

hungry bass

There’s a chance the bream you hook will get noticed by hungry bass. (Shutterstock image)

This is most likely to happen in ponds, but it can happen just as easily in a lake or stream. It has happened to me several times, including once when the assailant was a 7- to 8-pound bass.

I’ll never forget it. The hooked bluegill swam in panicked circles when a big, gaping maw opened behind it. It sucked in the bluegill, chewed on it for a few seconds and spat it out after removing every scale from the bream.

If your tackle is stout enough, you can set the hook hard enough to hook the bass, as well. Then, hold on and hope you can keep the bass from breaking your line.

If you’re fishing an environment where this is likely, try using heavier spinning tackle or even light baitcasting tackle. The gear has to be light enough for bream, but heavy enough to give you a chance at landing that behemoth bass. — Bryan Hendricks

Check out these hungry bass videos

Not surprisingly, there’s plenty of video on social media showing bass munching on bluegills.

Below are five of the better ones found on YouTube.

Note: Using bream as bait is illegal in many states. You should check your state regulations if you want to fish that way.

Big Bass Eats Bluegill

Via Invasion of The Toxic Toads YouTube

Bass Chokes on Large Bluegill

Via torredante9 YouTube

Hungry Bass Eats Bream

Via Abcsffd YouTube

8-LB LMB Chomps Bluegill

Via Chris Parks YouTube

Underwater View: Bass Eat Bluegill Swimbaits

Via TacticalBassin YouTube
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