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G&F Gear Special: Top Crappie Picks for 2017

by Game & Fish Staff   |  July 8th, 2017 0

Game & Fish Magazines published Gear Issue 2017 for July and August, its third annual look at the gear that will help you a better hunter or angler. In the coming days, will share focussed info on a number of hunting and fishing species. In this article, we look at crappie gear for 2017.

crappie gear

With all the talk about lead bans, it’s good to know there are quality tungsten-nickel jigheads out there, like these BPS Max Tungstens.


Maxx Spinning Combo

The lightweight yet strong reel features a reinforced graphite body, graphite rotor, aluminum spool and bail wire, brass and zinc gears, and a smooth-running 4-bearing system.


Buck’s Graphite Rods

Redesigned with more guides and a slightly stiffer action, these 96 percent tubular graphite rods feature split cork handles and ceramic guide inserts.


Zebco Bullet

Geared at 5.1:1, this sleek spincast reel gathers 29 inches of line with each revolution of the handle. Dual-bearing supported pick-up pin for smooth line movement.



Max Tungsten Jighead

Available in minnow or round form, these environmentally safe jigheads are made of 95 percent tungsten and 5 percent nickel. 1/32- to 1/8-ounce.




Popular options for trolling presentations, Bandit’s 100 (2-5 feet), 200 (4-8) and 300 (8-12) series comes in six new colors.


Cabela’s Crappie Minnow

Curlytail, action-tail and swim-style bodies, these lightweight baits range from 1 3/4- to 2-inch profiles. All weigh 1/16-ounce. Super sharp hooks.

$3.50 for five

Rapala Slab Rap

Fish close to snaggy bottoms without snagging. This slow-falling lipless crank comes in 1 1/2-inch, 1/8-ounce and 2-inch, 1/4-ounce models. Two No. 12 VMC black nickel, round-bend hooks.


VMC Spin Jig

Rig this bait with a boot-tail or fluke-style soft-plastic trailer and swim it through suspended fish. Exaggerated belly keel and premium ball-bearing swivel maximizes the swim-and-spin action.



Shad Scales Kit

41-piece kit includes five different 1 3/4- and 2-inch Crappie Buster hollow plastic shapes and colors and a tube of chartreuse Shad Scales, a scented attractant gel with thousands of micro flecks that emulate wounded prey.


Bobby Garland

With a belly shaped like a boat hull, a flat back, flat tail and rounded body edges, this compact 1 1/2-inch bait resembles a shad and skips like a stone.

$3 for 15

Crappie pro Brad Chappell shares his favorite Bobby Garland jigs for 2017

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