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G&F Gear Special: Top Catfish Picks for 2017

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  July 9th, 2017 0

Game & Fish Magazines published Gear Issue 2017 for July and August, its third annual look at the gear that will help you be a better hunter or angler. In the coming days, will share focussed info on a number of hunting and fishing species. In this article, we look at some catfish gear for 2017.

catfish gear

You will get the strength and toughness you need in a catfish rod with these new sticks.


Berkley ECat

For big-cat guys seeking those 50- to 100-pound monsters, this new series of super-tough E-glass rods provides confidence. Take your pick of 6’6″, 7′ or 7’6″ spinning and casting.


B’n’M Bumping Rod

B’n’M was one of the first companies to make a rod specifically for this big-river, big-fish drifting tactic, and now it has upgraded its 7′ 1″ bumping rod with a stiffer blank.


Berkley GloStik

Berkley’s new GloStik is a solution to fishing in the dark. 7′, 20-pound class glass-and-graphite rod absorbs light and emits a 4-hour glow.


Rippin Lips Long Range

This new Rippin Lips’ series includes 10′ and 12′, medium-heavy spinning rods engineered to launch your bait.


catfish gear

Abu-Garcia Ambassadeur has three stainless-steel bearings, a separate roller-bearing system, and smooth Carbon Matrix drag.


Abu-Garcia Ambassadeur

Three stainless-steel bearings, a separate roller-bearing system, and smooth Carbon Matrix drag. The 7000 holds 420 yards of 40-pound braid.


Bass Pro Shops CatMaxx

Features include a 1-piece aluminum frame, aluminum sideplates, Teflon and stainless 6-disc drag stack and double-anodized aluminum spool.


Quantum Iron PT

Seven stainless-steel bearings, spool-click tension knob, oversized power handle and massive line capacity. Aluminum frame and gear cover.


Zebco Big Cat XT

The Big Cat XT 30 trolling reel holds 455 yards of 30-pound-test mono. Graphite frames, aluminum spools, QuickSet anti-reverse and 4.2:1 gear ratio.


catfish gear

Whisker Seeker’s LockJaw Grips.



Frabill Weigh Bag

Keep tournament fish alive for the weigh-in in this specially made fish tote. The three-part system consists of a soft, reinforced weigh bag, a removable inner mesh bag and a compact portable aerator. Holds up to 11.25 gallons of water and fish. 


Rapala Floating Aerator

This new aerator, ideal for most bait-storage containers, gently mixes air into water, aerating 0.4 gallons per minute. 18 hours continuous run time or 36 hours when set to run at 15-minute intervals.


LockJaw Grips

Whisker Seeker’s stainless-steel grips close instantly with the push of a button. Rotating head protects the angler and fish.



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Catfish Dip Worm

The 2-inch lure’s tube attachments and ribs hold dip longer. The 2X-strong trebles and 20-pound Trilene Big Game line catch fish.

$5 per 3-pack

HookSetter Epic Crawdad

Pack the three chambers on the back of this 10-inch soft-plastic crawdad with Smelly Jelly attractant


Death Cheese Bait

Made with real cheese plus secret ingredients.

$8 for 12 ounces


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