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High Water Trout Tactics

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Spring run-off creates high water that often drives trout shallow — right where you can get them.


Trailblazing Trout in Oregon

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Newly stocked Oregon fisheries should mean a bonanza for anglers looking to land their limits in 2011.


The Trout of Arkansas’ Headwaters

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In the Natural State, fishing for trout just below tailwater dams is the coolest way to enjoy some hot summertime fishing. Here’s where to go and how to do it.


Hot Strategies For Cold-Weather Trout

by Chuck Robbins 1

Don’t stop fishing for trout just because it’s winter. Just pick your days carefully and adjust your strategies according to conditions. You might be surprised by the results!


How To Read And Work Streams For Autumn Trout

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The way you approach a stream and make your presentations can be as important as the lure, bait or fly you use.


Lowland Trout Fishing Tips

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November is the perfect time to return to low-elevation lakes.


Pennsylvania’s 2010 Trout Forecast

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Things are looking great for Keystone State trout fishermen in 2010. Here’s how things are shaping up near you this spring. (March 2010)


Pennsylvania’s Finest Western Region Trout Waters

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Looking for trout water all to yourself and the possibility of catching fish over 10 pounds? Western Pennsylvania is the place to be and the time to go is now! August 2009)


Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River Surprise!

by James Fleming 1

Most anglers think of the Susquehanna as a bass river, but in Clearfield County it’s all trout, with fish to 20 inches no surprise. Our expert has the story. (April 2009)


Eastern-Region Hotspots For Winter Trout

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This month, try these top-rated winter waters from shore, boat or on ice — as conditions allow. The trout are waiting for you! (February 2009)

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