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igh spring waters don't have to be all about deep-water nymph fishing. Spring hatches are common, and hungry trout — like this handsome cutthroat caught by the author — can often be coaxed up with big attractor patterns. Photo by Patrick Meitin.

High Water Trout Fishing

by Patrick Meitin 0

During spring and early summer months when rivers run high, trout fishing can appear futile. In reality, it isn’t. Here’s how to adjust your techniques and enjoy uninterrupted action.

Trent Perry

15-Pounder Shatters Utah Tiger Trout Record

by Dylan Polk 10

The brand new Utah state record tiger trout has been confirmed, and it beat the old record by almost five… more »


Spin-Fishing With Flies

by Jeff Samsel 6

The whipping was undeniable. It seemed my fly-rod-wielding buddy was engaged with another trout every time I gave him a… more »


2011 Rocky Mountain Trout Fishing Forecast

by admin 0

Every year is a little different. If you’re angling for Rocky Mountain trout this year, here’s what you’re likely to find.


Top Spots for West Virginia Spring Trout Fishing

by admin 1

The approach of spring means it’s time for some trout fishing action. And these options can provide a lot of variety of angling this month!


5 Great New York Trout Streams

by admin 5

Many legendary rivers in New York aren’t what they used to be, but anglers loyal to some less famous streams say their fishing keeps getting better.

This largemouth was fooled by a frog fly. It's wasn't the fish's fault, though; he may never haver seen a fly before. Photo by Jeff Walters.

Fly-Fishing For Bass

by Jeff Walters 2

Fly-fishing for bass is nothing new to most fly-fishing anglers. It is the conventional angler or novice fly-fisherman who finds… more »

Photo by Bob Borgwat

Nymph Fishing Tactics for Trout

by Bob Borgwat 1

Several seasons of my 25-year experience in fly-fishing passed before I turned to nymphs — flies like the Pheasant Tail,… more »

Brook trout is the dominant species in the Snowy Range. Of the 75 lakes that have fish in them, 60 have brook trout.  Photo by Mike Gnatkowski.

Top Fishing Spots for Trout in Wyoming’s Snowy Range

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

Salty sweat streamed down my forehead, stinging as it reached my eyes as I hurriedly loaded my gear into the… more »

Tossing a popping bug along shoreline cover can get the attention of largemouths. Photo by Polly Dean.

Tactics for Popping Bugs on Fly-Rod Largemouths

by Polly Dean 7

There are few things that get your blood pumping faster than a bass smacking a popping bug on the surface… more »

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