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smallmouth bass

Smallmouth Bass on Flies: Learn to Match the Hatch

by David Paul Williams 0

During a question-and-answer session at a Bassmaster club meeting, a newly minted bass angler asked, “What’s the best bait to… more »


The Minimalist Approach to Fly Fishing

by Chuck Robbins 1

The novice can feel barred from fly-fishing by all the gear, while the veteran angler can feel weighed down by it. Each may benefit from a minimalist approach.

Photo by Ron Sinfelt

Northwest Steelhead Fishing

by Terry Otto 1

Last year, high flows frustrated anglers pursuing the coldwater steelhead that came through the Pac-NW. What does this year hold in store?


Flyfishing the Montana Salmon Fly Hatch

by Chuck Robbins 0

For most of us the salmon fly hatch is the main event on the annual Montana fly-fishing calendar — period,… more »

igh spring waters don't have to be all about deep-water nymph fishing. Spring hatches are common, and hungry trout — like this handsome cutthroat caught by the author — can often be coaxed up with big attractor patterns. Photo by Patrick Meitin.

High Water Trout Fishing

by Patrick Meitin 0

During spring and early summer months when rivers run high, trout fishing can appear futile. In reality, it isn’t. Here’s how to adjust your techniques and enjoy uninterrupted action.

Trent Perry

15-Pounder Shatters Utah Tiger Trout Record

by Dylan Polk 10

The brand new Utah state record tiger trout has been confirmed, and it beat the old record by almost five… more »


Spin-Fishing With Flies

by Jeff Samsel 6

The whipping was undeniable. It seemed my fly-rod-wielding buddy was engaged with another trout every time I gave him a… more »


2011 Rocky Mountain Trout Fishing Forecast

by admin 0

Every year is a little different. If you’re angling for Rocky Mountain trout this year, here’s what you’re likely to find.


Top Spots for West Virginia Spring Trout Fishing

by admin 1

The approach of spring means it’s time for some trout fishing action. And these options can provide a lot of variety of angling this month!


5 Great New York Trout Streams

by admin 5

Many legendary rivers in New York aren’t what they used to be, but anglers loyal to some less famous streams say their fishing keeps getting better.

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