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Great Plains crappie fishing

7 Great Lakes for Tennessee Crappie Fishing

by Paul Moore 0

Though there are some ups and downs, Tennessee crappie fishing again looks great for 2018; there are plenty of options…. more »

March fishing in Pennsylvania

Arkansas Crappie Fishing Outlook 2018

by Keith Sutton 0

Here’s where to fish and fill your stringer or livewell with Arkansas crappie. Looking for a blue-ribbon Arkansas fishing locale… more »

South Carolina crappie

South Carolina Crappie You Can Count On

by Terry Madewell 0

There are a variety of South Carolina crappie waters that should continue to be productive. A significant percentage of South Carolina crappie… more »

illinois crappie fishing

Ohio Spring Crappie Forecast 2018

by Mike Bleech 0

Ohio spring crappie fishing is highly dependent on the weather, here’s where you need to fish when you need to… more »

fishing ponds

Think Twice Before ‘Midnight Stocking’ Your Fishing Pond

by Dan Anderson 0

“Helping” local fishing ponds with stockings from elsewhere could ruin the fishing. Largemouth bass, bluegills and channel catfish are the predominant… more »

pre-spawn crappie

How to Coax a Strike from Tight-Lipped Pre-Spawn Crappie

by Keith Sutton 0

Enticements for pre-spawn crappie: Just when you think you’ve figured out what they want, crappie slam their mouths shut. Here are some openers. … more »

tennessee crappie fishing

Kentucky Crappie Fishing Outlook 2018

by Game & Fish Staff 0

With the weather warming, crappie are getting ready to spawn, which means Kentucky crappie fishing is ready to rock. Here… more »

crappie fishing baits

‘Show Me’ Slabs: Early Season Crappie in Missouri

by Game & Fish Staff 0

If you think February is too early to be chasing crappie, then you haven’t been fishing these Missouri lakes. By… more »

alabama crappie

Pre-Spawn Slabs: Where to Catch Alabama Crappie

by Game & Fish Staff 0

With the weather warming, Alabama crappie are getting ready to spawn, which means anglers are getting ready to catch them…. more »

illinois crappie fishing

North Carolina Crappie Fishing Forecast 2018

by Craig Holt 0

Triangle lakes are tops for numbers and sizes, but anglers can find decent North Carolina crappie fishing from the Appalachian… more »

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