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Catfish Fishing Tips and Tactics

Quick Tip: Black Lights for Night Catfish

by Keith Sutton   |  May 22nd, 2018 0

Light is a crucial element of night catfishing, so be sure to plan ahead for both rigging and fishing. (Photo by Keith Sutton)

Black lights are highly useful night-fishing aids for catfish anglers. These specialty lights, often called ultraviolet lights, illuminate fluorescent monofilament, making it more visible over a greater distance.

When black lights are on, you can keep an eye on your line and watch for the slightest twitch or movement indicating a bite.

Catfish rods with fluorescent tips also glow brightly under black lights. And a dab of fluorescent paint on frequently used tools and tackle will glow, too, so the items are more easily found when needed.

Most black lights run off a 12-volt electrical system or several D-cell batteries.

catfishHigher-end models often have features like the addition of green and/or white lights that can be used while rigging, cleaning or performing other general tasks; switches that allow you to turn on just the number of lights needed; and cordless, rechargeable construction that allows you to charge the unit at home with a 110-volt charger.

Many have suction-cup feet for temporary rail mounting, and a few come with plug-in jacks that can be permanently installed on boat rails for easy on-off use.

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