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FL Catfish Forecast Feature

2018 Florida Catfish Forecast

by John Felsher 0

Many people start fishing by catching channel catfish at an early age, frequently in some park or farm pond. Easy… more »

VA Catfish Forecast Feature

2018 Virginia Catfish Forecast

by Mark Fike 0

Summer is the time when you can consistently put a bend in your rod and filets in the frying pan… more »

Iowa Catfish Forecast

2018 Iowa Catfish Forecast

by Dan Anderson 0

June in Iowa — a time when catfish focus on reproduction, and catfish anglers focus on catching as many catfish… more »

Great Plains Catfish Feature

2018 Great Plains Catfish Forecast

by Paul Moore 0

Diehard catfish anglers fish all year long and enjoy good success even through wintertime in some locations. But the majority… more »


2018 Georgia Catfish Forecast

by Ronnie Garrison 0

Georgia is blessed with a wide variety of waters containing countless varieties of fish. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources… more »


Catfishing Tactics: Old Methods Vs. New Technology

by Dan Anderson 0

Which works better for catfishing, the old ways or new technology? Grandpa Keenan’s only catfishing rod was a fiberglass Garcia, 6 feet… more »

2018 AR Catfish Forecast

2018 Arkansas Catfish Forecast

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

By Mason Dickson Summer is a great time to head in search of catfish, so it is good that this… more »

2018 AL Catfish Forecast

2018 Alabama Catfish Forecast

by John Felsher 0

Summer is a great time to head in search of catfish, so it is good that this Alabama catfish forecast… more »

blue catfish

Caught on Trotline, This Blue Catfish Could’ve Been State Record

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

If caught by rod and reel, this humongous blue catfish would’ve beaten the Florida record by 50 pounds. It’s a… more »

lake guntersville fishing

Lake Guntersville Fishing Offers More Than Big Bass

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Lake Guntersville fishing is great for bass, crappie, catfish and more in the Cotton State. By Greg McCain Long known as… more »

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