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catfish records

Biggest Catfish Records in the U.S.

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Game & Fish dived into the record books to find the catfish records for every state. How does your best… more »

state record catfish

State Record Catfish Beats Mark by 11 Pounds

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

It is the second time this year the Delaware state record catfish has been broken. A new state record for catfish… more »

percy priest fishing

The Lowdown On Percy Priest Fishing

by Paul Moore 0

Located near one of the biggest metropolitan areas of Tennessee, Percy Priest Lake provides some of the best fishing in… more »

catfish baits

Fall Catfishing Baits, Tips, Spots in Carolina

by Terry Madewell 0

Don’t miss out on these great South Carolina fall fisheries. One of the top fall fishing opportunities across South Carolina… more »

fall fishing

Fall Fishing: Catch Multi Species in La., Miss.

by Carolee Boyles 0

As temperatures drop, the fishing in Mississippi and Louisiana heats back up, providing anglers with countless opportunities for fall fishing. By… more »

fall catfishing

Prime Fall Catfishing in Carolina

by Mike Marsh 0

There’s great fall catfishing scattered across North Carolina. Go fishing now! By Mike Marsh Catfish anglers catch their favorite fish… more »

kentucky fishing

Kentucky Fishing Heats Up When Fall Arrives

by Norm Minch 0

September is a great time to get on the water for some hot Kentucky fishing — the weather gets nice and… more »

big catfish

Pro Tips for Big Catfish This Fall

by Terry Madewell 0

One of the best species to pursue during the fall season is catfish, especially really big catfish. Here’s how to… more »


Catfish Are Biting: Hot Spots in Hawkeye State

by Dan Anderson 0

The Iowa DNR says the catfish are biting “in every stream of any size, all lakes and many Iowa farm… more »


Abundant (and Willing to Bite) Illinois Catfish

by Curt Hicken 0

Don’t overlook these top spots for Illinois catfish action. By Curt Hicken With its tradition of world-class catfishing, you can… more »

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