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12 Great Catfish Baits

by Jeff Samsel   |  March 19th, 2014 194
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Nick caught this blue cat on Eagle Mountain Lake in Texas. Photo via Camera Corner

Catching any kind of fish begins with putting baits where the fish are. That simple fact acknowledged, an angler’s offerings also must appeal to the fish. For many species of game fish, lure sizes, shapes, movements and colors, and types of presentations all figure prominently into the equation of making an offering appealing. For catfish, which feed mostly by smell and taste, it is all about using the right kind of bait.

Of course, different species and sizes of cats prefer different kinds of meals, and some offerings lend themselves better to specific styles of catfishing than do others. Also, catfish are just like other kinds of fish — and people for that matter — in the sense that their preferences vary from day to day. One day’s hot bait commonly may not yield much the next day, with no obvious change in conditions. With that in mind, you are wise to set the table with at least a couple of different kinds of baits and allow the cats to dictate their preferences.


5 Baits For Catfishing

Most fishermen consider catfish a great summertime target, but catfish eat the year 'round and can be caught in early spring with the right baits.

Dozens of different bait types are commonly used for catfish, with popular picks ranging from hot dog slices to raw bacon to clams and smaller catfish. If one were to dig into occasional uses, the list of items that have never been used as catfish bait might be shorter than the list of those that have. Despite the never-ending list of options available to catfish anglers, certain baits do tend to outshine the rest. Here we will look at five of the very best.

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