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Catfish Fishing

Catfish Bait: Cats LOVE Raw Bacon!

by Michael Gilmore   |  June 18th, 2013 4

According to the author, all you need to catch catfish are a few strips of bacon, a plastic bag for “aging” it, and your favorite fishing rod. Photo by Michael Gilmore.


When I was a kid I spent a lot of time on the water with my grandfather, Gene Gilmore, who loved to fish for catfish. From then until now, I have used just about everything as catfish bait including chicken and rabbit livers, store-bought “stinkbait,” raw hotdogs and nightcrawlers. But the best catfish bait I ever used is raw bacon.

Yes, I know. Bacon is not the first thing you think of when you’re trying to figure out what bait to use for catfish. It wasn’t my first choice either, but neither was a chunk of raw hotdog. I was out on a lake near my home and fishing for crappie when I saw some guys who were having amazing success catching catfish. I asked them what they were using for bait and they said raw hotdogs!

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