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Lake Erie fishing

Hot Spots: Best Lake Erie Fishing in Central Basin

by Jeff Knapp 0

Lake Erie fishing in Ohio waters should provide great action this season for bass, walleyes and perch. With the bluffs of Lake Erie’s… more »


Hang On: Hungry Bass Will Eat Your Caught Bream (Videos)

by Bryan Hendricks 0

If you’re fishing for bream, don’t be surprised if a big hungry bass comes calling while you’re reeling in a panfish…. more »

best fishing tips ever

Pro Anglers Share Best Fishing Tips Ever

by Scott Bernarde 0

Game & Fish digital editor Scott Bernarde fished with several bass and crappie pros at a recent press event at… more »

Iowa panfish

Trophy Panfish: Arkansas Waters Have What You’re After

by Keith Sutton 0

Here’s expert advice on where to get your share of trophy panfish in the Natural State. The white bass fishing on… more »


Panfish Pursuit: Low Tech, But Plenty to Enjoy

by Paul Moore 0

There may be more glamorous species than panfish, but it is really hard to beat going for a fish that… more »

Lake Erie fishing

Lake Erie Trifecta: Catch More Smallies, Walleyes, Perch

by Jeff Knapp 0

Lake Erie fishing is one of the most significant angling options in both Pennsylvania and Ohio, summoning folks from far… more »


Everything You Need to Know About Catching Panfish

by Ronnie Garrison 0

Many anglers start with various types of panfish before moving on to more glamorous species. Some, however, come back to… more »


Top Tips for Catching Finicky Crappie

by Steven Johnson 0

It’s sometimes said that no news is as old as yesterday’s news. The same could be said about yesterday’s crappie… more »

tennessee crappie fishing

2017 State By State Crappie Forecasts

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Crappie Forecasts Crappie are usually the first species to become active in early spring and when found, anglers can usually… more »

Top posts: A Wisconsin man is facing more than $24,000 in fines as a result of charges stemming from being caught in possession of more than 2,500 panfish.

Angler Caught With 2,500 Panfish, Fined $24K

by Scott Bernarde 0

A Wisconsin man is facing more than $24,000 in fines as a result of charges stemming from being cited for… more »

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