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Best Baitcasters 2018: Daiwa’s Lexa WN 300

by Game & Fish Staff   |  February 7th, 2018 0
best baitcasters 2018

The carbon enhanced drag offers 22 pounds of maximum stopping power, plenty to manage the biggest fish.

As part of Game & Fish’s series of reviews of the best baitcasters 2018, we look at Daiwa’s Lexa WN 300.

By Pete Robbins

For years some manufacturers have treated swimbait fanatics like second class citizens, offering them reels from their saltwater platforms or musky lineups without making a reel that works for big bait bass freaks.

The Lexa WN 300 bridges that gap and more, putting healthy line capacity into a package that weighs a skinny 10.5 ounces, and wears custom Winn Grips.

Best Baitcasters 2018 Series

New baitcasting reels reviewed by Game & Fish
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What distinguishes it?

If you’re lobbing big trout imitators all day, your hands are going to sweat like rivers, and at the moment of truth you may miss that day’s best opportunity to set the hook on a double-digit trophy. Winn Grips ultra-tacky grips alleviate that problem, welding your connection to the reel, enabling you to monitor your bait at all times.

High-end features previously found only in more expensive reels?

If you’re chasing wide-shouldered bass who have been hitting the gym, you’re going to need some grizzle. The carbon enhanced drag offers 22 pounds of maximum stopping power, plenty to manage the biggest fish.

The seven internal ball bearings keep it smooth and provide you with the comfort to cast the big stuff all day without any loss of accuracy. With its large payload, this Daiwa will easily perform double-duty for those of you who spend time in the salt chasing trout and redfish. It’s almost like getting two reels for the $199.99 retail.


  • Gear ratio 6.2:1, 7.1:1
  • Line capacity 240 yards (12lb mono)
  • Weight 10.5 ounces
  • Bearings 7
  • Price $199.99
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