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Best Baitcasters 2018: Cabela’s Arachnid

by Game & Fish Staff   |  February 6th, 2018 0
best baitcasters 2018

Daiwa-engineered, store-branded, stuffed with features, like the T-Wing casting system.

As part of Game & Fish’s series of reviews of the best baitcasters 2018, we look at Cabela’s Arachnid.

By Pete Robbins

The Arachnid is built by Daiwa, so you know immediately it’s a quality piece. The blue accents on an otherwise black reel are eye-catching; however, it’s what’s inside that make this $149.99 workhorse a thing of beauty.

The Arachnid is lightweight, with that palatable Daiwa smoothness. The T-Wing casting system performs flawlessly, arguably increasing casting distance while helping manage line efficiently.

The reel has an appealing ergonomic feel, one which seems to melt into the palm. This pleasing feel is welcome on those long days spent endlessly casting to tight-lipped fish.

Best Baitcasters 2018 Series

New baitcasting reels reviewed by Game & Fish
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What distinguishes it?

The T-Wing System, unlike the line guides on most other reels, reduces line angles as you cast and as you reel in your lure. This system reduces friction on your line at every point in your presentations, leading to fewer lost fish. Additionally, it ensures the line is evenly distributed across your reel as you retrieve, minimizing potential breakoffs while reducing backlashes.

High-end features previously found only in more expensive reels?

In addition to the T-Wing System, the Arachnid offers a wealth of high-end features at a low price, including 12 bearings and a feathery smooth drag, effectuated by a corrosion resistant Zalon star drag.


Gear Ratio 6.3:1, 8.1:1

Line Capacity  120 yds / 14 lbs

Weight   7.6 oz

Bearings 12

Price   $149.99


  • Extra-wide level wind reduces friction
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Extra bearings
  • MagForce-Z casting control
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