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Bass California World Records

Watch Release of Pending Spotted Bass World Record

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  February 24th, 2017 0

Guardian Tackle/YouTube

Nick Dulleck, the California angler who is the latest challenger to the all-tackle spotted bass world record, promised he’d release more info on his pending record.

Late Thursday, Dulleck posted a short video (see above) on Instagram showing the release of the 11-pound, 4-ounce spot caught Feb. 12 out of New Bullards Bar Reservoir in Northern California.

spotted bass world record

Image of Nick Dulleck releasing his potential world record spotted bass (11-4) at New Bullard Bar Reservoir. (YouTube screenshot)

The video shows Dulleck holding the fish and gently releasing it back into the water — there’s even underwater footage.

It ends with the fish swimming away along the water’s surface and Dulleck being congratulated with a handshake.

The International Game Fish Association is evaluating Dulleck’s fish as a possible world record. The current IGFA-recognized record is 10-6, caught Jan. 12, 2015 by Timothy R. Little, also at New Bullards Bar.

spotted bass world record

Underwater image of Nick Dulleck releasing his potential world record spotted bass. (YouTube screenshot)

Dulleck, who celebrated his birthday on Jan. 10, caught the lunker in the morning on Sunday, Feb. 12, during a two-day fishing trip to the reservoir with friend Adam McAndrews. According to, the fish measured 24 1/2 inches long and had a girth of 20 3/4 inches.

It’s the latest double-digit spotted bass caught at New Bullards Bar, including a 10.8-pounder caught in December by Cody Meyer that also is a potential record.

world record spotted bass

Nick Dulleck with his potential world record 11-pound, 4-ounce spotted bass. (Photo courtesy of Nick Dulleck)

California’s recognized spotted bass record is an 11-3 spot caught by Louis Ferrante at New Bullards Bar in February, 2015.

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