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Best Bass Fishing in Your State

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  April 8th, 2014 5

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Now that we’ve rounded up the top 10 states for bass fishing in America, we thought we’d break it down further, state-by-state, and show you where to find those lunkers that you’ve spent all winter dreaming about. We’ve talked to biologists and experts and found out the hottest places for spring bass fishing in your state, as well as what tactics to use and even the best bass gear options.


10 Best Bass Crankbaits

Crankbaits have a lot of personality. Our bass experts at Game & Fish tested quite a few and these 10 came out on top.

We talked with fishing legend Shaw Grigsby about the most productive bass fishing patterns. Take a look at what he says about dock fishing:

Be sure to share your best bass photos with us on Camera Corner for your chance to win free gear and enter our boat giveaway. Details coming soon!

  • Joe

    Best fishing in your State…..
    But where’s the link?
    All I see are advertisements to click on everything else on the page except….. The Best Fishing In Your State.
    What a joke.

    • Game and Fish Online Staff

      You can find the link for a specific state in red title lettering on that state’s slide in the featured gallery.

  • Jeff

    Like Joe said a week ago. Where is the link and what a joke.

    • Game and Fish Online Staff

      The link for a specific state is found in red title lettering on that state’s slide in the featured gallery.

  • Walter T. Burrows III

    Re: fishing in Rhode Island: Ignore anything these guys write about fishing the Scituate Reservoir. There is no public access allowed for any recreational purposes whatsoever. No fishing. No boating. No swimming. No nothing.

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