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All in the Family: Mom Breaks Daughter’s State Record

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  July 26th, 2018 0


state record

Brenda Carter (left) broke her daughter Ericka’s (right) Wisconsin record for pumpkinseed. (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

A Wisconsin mother broke a catch-and-release state record set last year by her daughter.

Catching state records has been like daughter, like mother for one Wisconsin family.

A year after her daughter, Erika, broke the catch-and-release state record for pumpkinseed, Brenda Carter accomplished the same feat with a 9-inch pumpkinseed, beating her daughter’s record by a quarter-inch.

Mother and daughter were fishing on Lake Noquebay in Marinette County on July 4 when the fish bit. It was the same lake where Ericka caught her record. The two were fishing together during both record catches.

“That record was not something that was a goal for me. Erika goes to UW-Stevens Point for fisheries and she was very excited to have set the record,” Brenda Carter said in a Wisconsin DNR report on 2018 records.

“My daughter says [her mom setting the new fish record] gives her a goal to shoot for. It could be by the end of the summer. We hope to catch a bigger one someday!”

Fisheries biologist Karl Sheidegger, who coordinates the state records program says there’s been a stinger full of records set so far in 2018, partly due to new live-release categories and growth of alternative-method fishing.

Other state records set so far:

2018 Live Release records (catch-and-release)

state record

Todd Meerdink with his state-record white (catch-and-release). (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

White Bass: Todd Meerdink of Waupaca, 18 1/2 inches, Sunset Lake, Waupaca County, Feb. 10. This was the second time the white bass live release record has been broken over the past year.

state records

Michael Esche of Cudahy caught and released an 11-inch bluegill on Feb. 28 from the Mississippi River. (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

Bluegill: Michael Esche of Cudahy, 11 inches, Mississippi River, Crawford County, Feb. 28. The fish bettered the existing record by a half-inch.

state record

Scott Erickson of Burlington caught and released a 23-1/2-inch rainbow trout on March 31. (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

Rainbow Trout: Scott Erickson of Burlington, 23 1/2 inches, private pond, Racine County, March 31.

state record

Alex Gerucisi caught and released a state-record 8-1/2-inch green sunfish. (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

Green Sunfish: Alex Gerucisi, 8 1/2 inches, urban pond, Waukesha County, May 24.

2018 By Weight records (hook and line)

state record

Gregory Banbenek of Duluth, Minn., caught an 11-3/4-inch, 3/4 pound creek chub on Jan. 1. (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

Creek Chub: Gregory Banbenek of Duluth, Minn., 11 3/4 inches, 3/4 pounds, Aminicon Lake, Douglas County, Jan. 1. The fish bettered the existing record by a little over 2 ounces.

state record

Stanley Von Ruden of Norwalk set the initial record for a spotted sucker on Feb. 22. (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

Spotted Sucker: Stanley Von Ruden of Norwalk, 20 1/2 inches, 4 pounds, 10.2 ounces, Lake Onlaska, La Crosse County, Feb. 22. This is the initial record for the species.

state record

Scott Erickson of Burlington bettered the existing tiger trout record by a little over a quarter of a pound. (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

Tiger Trout: Scott Erickson of Burlington, 16 inches, 2 pounds, 1 ounce, private pond, Racine County, May 9. The fish bettered the previous record by a little over a quarter of a pound. 

2018 By Weight records (alternate method)

state record

Ross Lubner of Campbellsport now holds the alternate method record for white sucker, beating a record barely a month old. (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

White Sucker: Brandon Smith of Elkhorn, 24 1/2 inches, 6 pounds, 15.8 ounces, Delavan Lakein Walworth County, March 15. It shattered the record by nearly two pounds.

White Sucker: Ross Lubner of Campbellsport, 24 1/2 inches, 7 pounds, 6.7 ounces, Pine Lake, Waukesha County, April 21. Smith’s record last only about five weeks.

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Longnose Sucker: Shawn Schmidt of Denmark, 21 1/4 inches, 3 pounds, 9.9 ounces, Lake Michigan, Door County, April 29. This is the initial record for the species.



state records

Dale Fahrni bettered his own record by almost half a pound set three years earlier. (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

Spotted Sucker: Dale Fahrni, 22 inches, 5 pounds, 6.7 ounces, Wisconsin River, Richland County, April 21. He broke his own record set three years ago by about a half-pound.

state records

Brian Thompson of Newburg, Mo., shot a 35-5/8-inch, 5 pound 1 ounce shortnose gar on May 27 from Lake Butte des Morts in Winnebago County. (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

Shortnose Gar: Brian Thompson of Newburg, Mo.,  35 5/8 inches, 5 pounds, 1 ounce, Lake Butte des Morts, Winnebago County, May 27. 

Longnose Gar: Jason Behrens of Arcadia,  56 1/8 inch, 19 pounds, 5.4 ounces, Mississippi River, Trempealeau County, May 24. The fish broke the current record by almost a pound.

To see more state fish records and to learn what to do if you think you’ve caught a record fish, go to and search “record fish.” 

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