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8 Great New Panfish Lures for 2012

by Jeff Samsel   |  February 9th, 2012 9

Let’s explore some of the best new baits for bluegills, crappies and their kin-fish and examine how to use each to fill your cooler!


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The Atomic Mite from Berkley, which is an itsy bitsy version of what bass guys would call a creature bait, is part of a new family of panfish-sized PowerBait offerings. Less than an inch long, the Mite has a ribbed body, paddles on its sides and twin tails. The end result is an outstanding insect representation. The Atomic Mite comes pre-rigged on a 1/80-ounce jighead, with spare bodies in the package.

This bait can be cast and swum back, but only on legitimate micro gear with 4-pound-test line or smaller. An effective alternative is to add a float a couple feet above the lure, both to add casting weight and to control the depth. An Atomic Mite also can be rigged in tandem with a slightly larger jig and then cast or presented vertically over brush or other specific pieces of cover.

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