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7 Videos: Understanding Spawning Bass

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  March 30th, 2017 0

Spawning bass offer some great opportunities to catch a trophy fish.

spawning bass

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The spawn is on — or at least it’s very, very close — in many parts of the country, tweaking bass anglers’ dreams of catching the wall hanger they’ve been chasing for so long.

For some anglers, it can create a dilemma over whether to sight fish on actively spawning bass or leave them alone. Or maybe, you might blind-cast into spawning areas to avoid directly targeting a fish on the bed.

No matter, spring is simply the best time to catch a trophy bass, and with the spawn in play this time of year, you will inevitably catch a spawner when you’re fishing shallow.

Below are videos we’ve found on YouTube that may help you better understand what’s happening during the spawn, as well as offer tips and tactics on how to maximize your fishing efforts.


Bass Pond Spring Spawning Tactics

Via LakeForkGuy/YouTube

Here I show you how I like to look for bass that might be getting ready to or already spawning in ponds and lakes. I use a technique of slowly working a stick bait around on flats and in pockets around cover to locate where the bass are causing around.

Top 5 Baits for Bed Fishing

Via TacticalBassin/YouTube

Matt Allen breaks down the Top Baits you need to use this Spring to fool the bass during the spawn. Every fish is different but one of these baits will get their attention! Bed fishing can be a great way to target big bass but please respect the bass and put them back quickly.

Underwater Bed Fishing Tutorial

Via 1Rod1ReelFishing/YouTube

Underwater footage of what can happen when you fish for bedding bass. Even when caught and released, the bass may not immediately return to its nest, giving bluegills and/or other egg eating predators an opportunity to ravage the bed!

GIANT Spawning Bass

Via TylersReelFishing/YouTube

The time has finally come for some “new” videos! Texas Bass Challenge is here and gone, and the Spawn is in full swing here in Texas. I went out like I always do to capture the world’s best underwater footage, and here is video one of the spawn!

Bass Fishing the Spawn in Rising Waters


Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie Brandon Coulter breaks down rising water on Kentucky Lake and gives some helpful tips on fishing while bass are moving up to spawn.

Catching Spawning Bass Underwater Video

Via dthao92/YouTube

Got some underwater footage! I was fishing with bro Mikerap240 and caught a decent spawning bass on a bed. I was using a Weightless Garry Yamamoto Senko.

Bank Fishing Tips for Spawning Bass

Via LakeForkGuy/YouTube

I’m bank fishing a a good size pond with clear water and looking for spawning bass. As I am walking around the bank, I start to see bedding bass and spawning bass that are chasing off bluegill. I will show you how to fish for these largemouth bass in this situation and tips for catching these fish while bank fishing.

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