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5 Essential Lures for May Bass

by Rod Hunter   |  May 16th, 2012 1

Want to catch a few largemouths this month? Then you better have these baits in your tackle box.

  • DeltaHam

    I remember thinking, "That thing catches fish!?", the first time I saw one. I thought I'd try one out on a very small lake in Mississippi that didn't get much fishing pressure. Making my first cast right at sunrise, I learned the feel and action of the lure. A largemouth inhaled it on the second cast, and I then caught 17 more on consecutive casts! A great morning. The buzzbait bite slowed as the sun rose, and I switched to a small crankbait (Rebel 100) and proceeded to catch 17 more on nearly every cast. One of those days you dream about. I now keep several buzzbaits in my box all the time. Spooks and Devil Horse's too. Good fishing. Stay safe.

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