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Bluegill Fishing Forecasts

2017 State By State Crappie Forecasts

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  February 21st, 2017 0

Bass Tactics For Crappie

Crappie Forecasts

Crappie are usually the first species to become active in early spring and when found, anglers can usually count on catching a lot of fish.

As the days get longer and the water gets warmer, crappie move from deep water to the shallows to begin spawning. Longer days mean water will warm more quickly, and when the temperature climbs to between 62 and 65 degrees, the spawn will begin.

However, those who can’t wait for temperatures to rise can drop baits into the deep areas of lakes, around 15 to 30 feet, to find crappie. Of course, a depth finder is a necessity to locate these fish.

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