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20 Best Reader Photos From 2012

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  December 6th, 2012 3

Alright ladies and gents, it’s that time of year when we take a moment to recognize all of your hard work in the field and on the water. You’ve caught ‘em, shot ‘em and photographed ‘em, and now we’re putting y’all in a lineup of the best reader photos from 2012. We’ve got the veteran hunters, like 81-year-old Henry Pitts, and the youngsters, like Cami Benetti, age 8, with her first squirrel kill of a lifetime. We’ve got the sourest faces you’ll ever spot in a grip-and-growl photo (you know who you are), and we’ve got the always charming huntresses from every age group.

So raise a glass, pull up a chair and enjoy the spoils of another great year of Game & Fish’s Camera Corner.

  • George M. Moore

    I have been a valued customer and Subscriber for along time and still can't believe that some people send in these photos of deer taken in the field without preparation to at least check and see if the tongue is hanging out before posting the photos. My only suggestion and comment would be to edit the photos and at least have some type of requirement that doesn't allow photos taken and printed without some careful editing. This is what the Anti's love to use as ammo in their defense of the law abiding hunters as being classed as some redneck person that enjoys the thrill of killing animals. Take a few extras minutes to prepare the animal for the photo break and use some class in presenting the photos to those that are interested.

    • Tony Lee

      Sorry but I don't agree.That takes away from the excitement.I also guess you want them to wipe all the blood off before taking the picture too.Who cares about the antis.Us hunters have enough problems without them.but I know this is just my opinion.And I'm writing this in a treestand.

  • George M. Moore

    Tony, I know what you mean about the excitement of the hunt, as I too just got back from my 4th out of state deer hunt in Kansas and love the excitement of the hunt, but the photos can have a lil cleaner look especially if they are printed for others to view. In the last 25 years, I have taken over 1000 photos of deer taken for other people and can't tell you how appreciative they are to really have a good photo suitable for framing in their office or workplace or home that doesn't have the tongue sticking out. Just like you this is only my opinion and I wouldn't want anything to hurt the hunting fraternity as we do enough to stick together. Good luck in the stand and stick a good one, just put the tongue in when you shoot his photo, haha,

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