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10 World Fishing Records That’ll (Probably) Never be Broken

by Aaron Decker   |  May 30th, 2012 1

I recently sent a note to Jack Vitek, the World Records Coordinator for the International Game Fish Association, about world fishing records that probably will never be broken. You could write a book about the topic as there are so many different fish species the IGFA recognizes world records for and one record is as likely not to be broken as another.  For the purpose of this article though, I asked Jack to narrow it down to 10 species that the Game & Fish/Sportsman audience could relate to. Some I agree with but there are others that I think I’ll see fall in my lifetime.  Records are meant to be broken yes,  and these are probably safe for a while, but you never know when a new king will be crowned.What do you think? (Dylan Polk contributed to this gallery)



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