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10 Innovative Tools and Blades Your Dad Would Love

by Eric Conn   |  May 21st, 2013 0

If there’s one thing men are known for, it’s their obsession with tools. It could be that new drill with a 25-horsepower motor or the new table saw that costs as much as a small car. Either way, a man is known by his tools.

That means shopping for dad is a relatively simple endeavor. You may think he wants a new pink sweater vest with matching purple tie, but you’d be wrong. When he’s not tinkering around with a gun, he wants some hard wood or cold steel in his hands—something made for work. Even when dad’s playing, he’s still working—so give him what he really wants.

Because we really know dads, Game & Fish has compiled a list of the best tools and blades to give the padre in your life this Father’s Day. Give him one of these great gifts and you’re sure to make this Father’s Day one to remember.

Tell us why your dad is the ultimate sportsman for a chance to win a $2,500 Cabela’s Gift Card and other prizes. You’ll receive a promo code for $20 off your next $150 purchase just for entering.

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