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Colorado Cougar Predators

Colorado House Cat Has Close Cougar Encounter

by Game & Fish Staff   |  October 25th, 2011 1

main coon, cougar meets cat, cat and cougar, cougar encounterA Boulder, Colorado house cat that goes by the name of Zeus got an up-close-and-personal look at a feline that’s a bit higher up on the food chain in a strange cougar encounter.

According to the Denver Post, Gail Loveman was working in her home office when she heard a commotion on her front porch. Upon investigating, she spotted her 11-year-old Main coon cat standing face-to-face with a young tom cougar — the unlikely duo were separated by a sliding glass door.

Loveman revealed to the Post that “(the cat) typically stands tall, hisses and acts fairly aggressive when he sees other animals – mostly squirrels, other house cats or even dogs – through the glass door. But Zeus remained calm as he appraised the big cat.”

For the full account and additional images of encounter, make sure to visit the Denver Post.

  • Roy parker

    The cougar look's hungry.The cat know's it's at home.

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