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10 Quality ARs Under $1,000

by Brian McCombie   |  May 21st, 2014 7

Firearms manufacturers and retailers refer to the buying frenzy that hit the shooting scene a couple years ago as “The Surge.”

During “The Surge,” shooters snapped up ammunition, high-capacity magazines and—right at the top of the list—AR-style rifles. Retailers had yards of empty gun racks, and a shipment of ARs that actually hit the gun counter was often gone by the very next day. Meanwhile, ARs that had been selling for $700 to $800 were suddenly commanding $1,500 or more—often, a heck of a lot more—if you could even find them.

Fortunately, “The Surge” is more or less over for ARs, and as a result prices have come tumbling down. It seems the current fad is high-end ARs. For a couple grand or better you can get one complete with a match trigger, fluted bull barrel and all the coolest tactical furniture.

But there are still many high quality, extremely functional ARs on the market. Some are no-frill models, while others have a surprising number of higher-end features. Regardless, these rifles will get the job done and do it for $1,000 or less.

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