Fishing Lure Hacks: Spinnerbaits

Fishing Lure Hacks: Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are great lures to use to cover a lot of water. They work especially well around cover where crankbaits and jerkbaits would get snagged. They can be used for a variety of species, but are a very popular choice for catching bass and pike. Below are some hacks that you can do to improve your success with a spinnerbait.

Spinnerbaits with wrapped eyes

Wrap the Eye

Many anglers wrap line around the tie point on all of their spinnerbaits. Wrap 15-20 lb monofilament line around the spinnerbait shaft near the back of the bend where the main line is tied. This will stop your line from slipping up the shaft when casting. You can also use a small piece of shrink tube instead of fishing line.

Various spinnerbait skirts

Change the Skirt

The easiest way to modify a spinnerbait is to swap out the skirt. Keep several different colors of skirts with in your spinnerbait box. Change the skirt to match the local forage and fishing conditions.

Coloring a spinnerbait skirt with a marker

Color the Skirt

Use a permanent marker modify the color of your spinnerbait skirt. There are also dyes and scented markers that are available from various fishing tackle manufacturers.

Trimming a spinnerbait skirt

Trim the Skirt

Trimming the spinnerbait skirt is an easy modification that can be done on the water. Trimming it can change the profile of the lure, allowing you to better match the forage species. Also, trimming down the skirt can help reduce missed strikes when not using a trailer hook.

Various spinnerbait blades

Change the Blade

Changing the blade on a spinnerbait can drastically alter the action of the lure. Larger blades will make more flash and vibration, as well as increase drag and slow down the lure. Changing the shape of the blade will also alter the drag from the lure during the retrieve, and it will change the vibration of the spinnerbait in the water. Also try changing the blades for ones that are different colors.

Reflective tape on a spinnerbait blade

Tape the Blades

Reflective tape is sold at tackle shops for use on fishing spoons. The same tape can be used on spinnerbait blades to add a bit of color or flash.

Shape the Blades

Modifying the shape of a spinnerbait blade will change how it moves through the water. The flatter the blade, the wider its turn and the more drag it causes. Adding more curve to a blade will make it spin tighter and reduce drag. Some fishing pros will place the blade on the ball of their trailer hitch and gently hammer the blade to change its curve.

Spinnerbait eyes painted with nail polish

Paint Eyes

Many spinnerbaits come with eyes painted on the head. If the spinnerbait you are using doesn't, then you can add eyes with nail polish. You can also use red nail polish to paint gills on the head of the lure.

Add Weight

You can add more weight to a spinnerbait by clamping a lead weight to the hook shaft or wrapping it with lead wire. Keep the weight close to the head to make the bait fall evenly. Move the weight back towards the bend of the hook to make the spinnerbait fall back when paused.

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