Fishing in the wood for Pike

Fishing in the wood for Pike
Oftenwood structure close to shore and next to deep water drops isoverlooked by anglers afraid to get hung up in it. However withtoday's super-lines you can get right deep into the wood and pull outa pile of fish in a short period of time. Wood structure points canbe found on almost any body of water, your looking for fallen orflooded trees right next to deep water drops. Beaver lodges, and onreservoirs where the trees have been flooded out, good wood stumpsmake great locations for Bass anglers. Submerged wood piles are afantastic place to pick up giant pike. On rivers you need to keep theflow of the current in mind and lead your presentation so as not toget hung up, by timing your presentation to reel up along the coverjust before it can hang up. It sounds harder than it is, once yourused to the current speed your timing will come to you.
A section of the Narrow Lake wood shoreline.
This brave little fella got to close to the boat and Laura,s spinner.

Laura andI hit Narrow Lake last week in our pre fall visit to the lake, wediscovered the food was right up in the wood cover close to shore andso were the pike. We hit the entire west side of the lake in ourshoot and scoot aggressive style with fast moving spinner-baits. Wemanaged 60 fish on the west side of the lake in approx three and ahalf hours of fishing. The water was clear the sky's were clear andthe wind mild.
The cast and the hook set.
Working the wood cover is a real blast.

We weretossing our spinners right into the wood and drawing back over thesubmerged wood toward the boat. Sometimes getting strikes right bythe boat, the action was consistent and a ton of fun. I have somefriends of mine up here who refuse to fish the wood like this andthey call me crazy for getting into the cover like this but sometimesthis is where the fish are and a bold aggressive approach is neededto have success. If your loaded up with Sufix 832 or Fierline youdon't need to worry about break offs in the wood.
These areas next to deep water are great for pike.

Targetedcasts and having some skill with your rod to steer your lures rightinto prime strike zones. I had my nephew Tyler working wood cover atAmisk lake and it was clear to me he was developing a better moreaccurate cast and learning skills to keep his lure moving and in thestrike zone. I was laughing at him and telling him he was learningwithout knowing it, the skills just come from fishing and buildingexperience with fishing this type of cover and structure. Sometimes aflip other times a pitch what ever it takes to get a lure in thereand moving, the pay off more fish landed and more fun. The bonus willcome in a huge trophy pike you catch in this cover don't be afraid toget into dangerous places with your lures. Be bold and catch big.
Don't forget the beaver lodge.

With thepre fall in place up here in Alberta this kind of wood structure nextto deep water is going to be a big draw for a few weeks. Keep this inmind and as the fall season develops keep the submerged wood pilesand beaver lodges on your hit list for big fall pike.

GaryLove, WFN Ambassador, Athabasca, Alberta, Canada.

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