The Fall Pike bite has been good lately.  This past weekend I was out fishing Bass and  I had Pike bite my lure off more than a few times. I was using a Senko for Bass, but the pike were more into it, The Pike are into anything right now.  Tonight was a perfect night to go out and get some redemption. The weather was over cast with a cool east wind. There was brief periods of rain, perfect for Pike.

I had to throw a Senko a few times.

I was pitching into the dead weeds and picked up a Bass. In the picture above you can see the pockets in between the weeds and pads, I toss my Wacky Senko into the little openings.

A great start to a night of Pike fishing.  I had missed a Bass after that, a decent one. I didn't get a good hook set and the Bass came off. I changed up my bait to a Zara Super Spook Jr., with a leader.

It wasn't long before the Pike were zeroing in a my Spook.

There's two kind of Pike, the kind that follow your lure and play around before they grab it, and the kind that just want to destroy everything. I like them both, but the Pike that just appear out of nowhere and crush the bait are a little more exciting.

Just like Bass, it's good to get a healthy release on the Pike. It's kinda funny, Pike seem to get a bad rap. I've been fishing most of my life in waters that have plenty of  Pike and those waters seem to maintain a healthy balance of species. It's the same with the Bowfin, I see people kill them and I wonder why.

I kept tossing the Spook. I missed a couple Pike, that's gonna happen with top water lures. It can be quite comical watching a Pike jump and flop trying to hit the bait.

A Bass hit the Spook. Gotta love the amount of fish that lure catches.

I was throwing my bait into areas with dead weeds, the nice thing about the Zara Super Spook Jr is the size and weight . It's perfect for navigating through the weeds and cabbage.

That Pike flew out of the cabbage and hammered my bait. I brought the cabbage in with the fish.

I had to stop filming, there was no way I was going to stick one hand in there and attempt to remove the lure. Two hands needed for these fish.

It was quite satisfying to catch some Pike.

The Pike have been really loading up the last week or so.  They pretty much feed all year, even through the ice they will hammer your bait.  You can always count on a Pike.

A couple tips for Pike in the cabbage. Use a leader if you can. Pike love Spinner Baits, but after you catch a couple, the Spinner Bait will be garbage. Try using a Buzz Bait and just run it below the surface. I have done that many times and caught a Pike. The Buzz Baits are much stronger than Spinner Baits, it'll save you some money. It's good to vary speeds and even stop the lure and let it float. On one of my retrieves tonight I completely stopped and let the lure sit there, within seconds a Pike hit it. A popper or walker (hard plastic) is your best bet for lure. The Zara Spook in the photo has caught hundreds of fish over the last couple years and it's still good to go. Almost time to replace it. Good treble hooks are a must. The hooks I use have a pretty thick shank and they last quite a while. If you have to keep bending your hooks back into shape, it won't be long before they snap.  A good fishing trip is not spent fixing hooks and retying broken or damaged baits.  The longer your line is in the water the better your chance of catching fish.

Most importantly handle these fish with care and treat them with respect. Pike are powerful and very aggressive. Properly handled with the right tools will keep your hands and fingers out of harms way. 

They don't call em Gators for nothin!!!!!

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