Facts of Fishing LIVE: A Treat for Audiences

Facts of Fishing LIVE: A Treat for Audiences

One thing is certain... if you're a fan of Facts of Fishing on TV, and you appreciate the antics and humor of host Dave Mercer, you'll find even more to love at Facts of Fishing LIVE, presented by Subway Restaurants

One thing is certain... if you're a fan of Facts of Fishing on TV, and you appreciate the antics and humor of host Dave Mercer, you'll find even more to love at Facts of Fishing LIVE, presented by Subway Restaurants.

This past Wednesday, April 20, Mercer and his crew took the stage at the Georgian Theatre, located on the Georgian College campus in Barrie, Ontario. In front of a packed house, Mercer, along with his co-hosts JP DeRose, host of World Fishing Network's Getting School'd, and Paul Powis, the Facts of Fishing Great Lakes Trolling Expert, put on a very memorable show from start to finish. The crowd was visibly excited before the show began, and when it finally got underway the appreciative audience enjoyed every second of it.

Powis started off the show by giving a roughly 20 minute seminar on the intricacies of trolling. Using several different rods and reels as demos, he offered advice and tips on the best ways to improve your catch if you're trolling. He even passed out some free spools of line to several children in the audience, much to their delight. All in all, Powis did a great job of warming up the crowd.

Next up was JP DeRose, the well-known face of World Fishing Network's original program Getting School'd. DeRose focused primarily on perch fishing in the waters of Lake Simcoe, which he believes is arguably one of the top lakes for perch in the world. With the help of some close-up camera work that was projected onto two big screens, DeRose was able to show the audience the best way to rig soft plastic baits and improve the number of perch that you can catch. He also passed out some spools of line. DeRose has a very natural stage and screen presence, and the crowd was very appreciative of the job that he did.

Finally, it was time for the man of the hour. Following a lengthy and humorous introduction that spoofed the opening titles of Star Wars, Dave Mercer himself walked onto the stage to thunderous applause. This was the moment the crowd had been waiting for, and Mercer didn't disappoint. He offered several tips that will undoubtedly come in handy for the anglers in attendance, including the best way to free your lure if it gets caught in a log or rock, and the best way to navigate your lure through weed beds. Along with his advice and tips, Mercer also sprinkled a generous helping of his trademark humor and witticisms, all of which had the audience in tears. To close out the show, Mercer told a very detailed and hilarious story, that he called the "poopy dance story". Without going into too much detail, let's just say that it was a crowd pleaser from start to finish.

After the show, Mercer, DeRose, and Powis went out to the lobby to mingle with the crowd and sign autographs. The trio was very accommodating and made every effort to ensure that no one went away disappointed.

A Breakdown of Facts of Fishing LIVE

For those who are unfamiliar with what Facts of Fishing LIVE is all about, Dave Mercer himself took some time to answer some questions about what has become an ongoing show.

Two years ago, we were approached by Subway Restaurants, who wanted to do an event that would get people excited about the sport of fishing. "The three of us do a lot of educational seminars throughout the year, but with this event, we wanted to take it up a notch," said Mercer.

"And part of it is that I always wanted to be a rock star, or a stand-up comic, but didn't have talent so this is my one way of feeling that," he laughed.

The camaraderie that Mercer, DeRose, and Powis share is very apparent. The three have been friends for years, and in Mercer's eyes, there's no one else that he would want to join him on this tour.

"When we decided to bring along two other hosts, the two obvious choices were JP and Paul," said Mercer.

"One of the things we wanted to was make sure that we could speak to all anglers who attend our show. We wanted to bring in people with different levels of versatility and expertise, and that's what the two of them bring to the show."

Mercer wanted the show to offer something to anglers of every skill level, from beginners to the most experienced.

"I don't think we've ever had anyone come to our shows, be it a new angler or an advanced angler, and tell us that they didn't learn anything," said Mercer.

"The whole idea of this show is to teach, but also entertain and excite you about the sport. Paul speaks mainly to those who fish on the Great Lakes. JP does a lot of the gear stuff, which speaks to a large percentage of the audience. And as for me, I just sorta tell jokes about going to the bathroom on the water."

All joking aside, it's clear that Mercer has a great passion for Facts of Fishing LIVE, and his main hope is that those in attendance will go away having learned something new while being entertained. As long as there is a demand for them, he expects to continue doing the shows.

"The show is a lot of fun, and as long as we can keep evolving it and getting it in the right areas, I?d like to keep doing it," said Mercer.

"The important thing is that we keep evolving it, and keep it fresh. And if the anglers and cities that we perform in continue to support us, we'll probably keep on doing it."

DeRose and Powis also chimed in about their participation in the show.

"The great thing about this show is the level of crowd participation. You'll see the crowd interact with us speakers, and you'll see a lot of jokes and stories being passed around," said DeRose.

"As a speaker, I've never seen so much crowd involvement at a fishing seminar, and I think that's really cool."

"The show is also more family-oriented, and it's not just for hardcore anglers. You get a good mix in the audience," said Powis.

"Some of Dave's biggest fans are kids. Parents are always telling us that Dave's show is the only thing that their kids will watch, so we tend to get a lot of kids out to these."

Facts of Fishing LIVE wraps up its 2011 tour tonight at the University of Waterloo's Humanities Theatre in Kitchener, Ontario. For more information, click HERE

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